Someone's Coming - Malum

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They were sitting on the couch, Calum sprawled out on top of Michael, head on his lap, while Michael plays with his hair and hums along to a jingle in the McDonald's commercial. "Mikey I love McDonald's." "I love you baby boy." A blush shaded Calum's cheeks a light pink as he sat up to look Michael in the eyes. "I have to ask you a very serious question Mikey."
"Ask then love."
"Can we get McDonald's?"
And with that, Calum was pinned to the couch being tickled and choking on laughter. "Mikey stop! I'm going to pee!" He shouted and Michael realised the younger boy, but he made no effort to get up, enjoying the secure feeling of being under is love.
"Are you going to kiss me or just stare at me?" Michael whispered as if he was afraid to speak to loudly.
"I'm just going to stare at you because we aren't getting McDonald's." Calum whispered back just as loud as Michael.
"Fine. Let's go."
"Michael. Stop whispering."
"Fine. Cmon Calum I wanna kiss."
The boys got in the car and Michaels hand found its way to Calum's thigh, lightly sneezing before starting the engine and driving away.
"Are we going in or drive through?"
"I wanna go in." Calum let out a whine, holding the 'n' longer than the other letters.
They walked to the building, Michaels arm around Calum's waist as he skips inside, obviously excited, but not as excited as Michael.
"Cal hurry up and pick what you want. I wanna get home."
"But Mikey, we have to sit and eat together so I can feed you fries." Calum stuck his button lip out and did his adorable puppy dog eyes that Michael just can't say no to.
"Fine, I'll be at the table."
Michael sat in the corner window both and relaxed before placing his hand on his crotch and gently palming it. "God why won't you go away? You always do this and I always end up having to get off in the bathroom." Michael thought to himself. He looked up to see the tan boy walking over with a tray covered in food and took his hand away from himself. Calum took a seat across from Michael and smiled at him before picking up the medium sized fry. "What sauce would you like Mikey?" "Yours in my mouth."
"Michael!" Calum yelled making people look as he kicked Michaels shin, making the ghostly white boy rub it as if it would make it better.
Michael took the sweet and sour and dipped his fry in it before putting it in his mouth. "Mikey. I love McDonald's but I love you more."
"Aw babe. That means so much to me." Michael smiled but he just couldn't ignore his painful erection.
"Cal Imma go to the bathroom. I'll be right back." Michael got up and grabbed his jacket to put over his arm to cover himself on his journey to the bathroom.
He entered a stall and locked the door and slid down the cold, cement brick wall. He quickly undid his belt, followed by the button and zipper. He freed himself from his boxers and slowest ran a finger up his long shaft, making him shiver before he took it in his hand and began to pump it quickly. "Calummm." He moaned louder than intended and bit into his free hand.
He heard people talking outside and the door opened and closed, covering Michael in a cool breeze. "Michael, the foods getting cold and some little girl keeps staring at me and I'm scared." Hi bit onto his hand harder trying not to make a noise as he nears his climax. "Michael?" Calum calls and walks closer to the occupied stall. Michael can see his Converse under the stall but he doesn't dare to stop his movements. He watches as Calum's hands are soon down level with his feet and his adorable face pops under the stall. "Michael! Bad!" This causes Michael to stop when Calum squeezes under the stall and sits next to him, putting Michaels dick back in his boxers. Calum went for his zipper but Michael grabbed his hands and put them above his head, kissing him deeply. "I need more room if you're going to join me princess." Michael picks Calum up, opens the stall and sets him on the counter. Michael discards of his pants and does the same for Calum, leaving them in their boxers and ripped band shirts. Michael put his hands on calums thighs while kissing his lips quickly. "We have to be quick Calum." Michael whispered into his ear and he slowly slid calls boxers down, making them land on the floor. Calum leaned back as Michael took his dick out and pumped it a few times before lining it up. "Need prep?" "No just go." Calum restrained himself from screaming out. Michael pushed in and calum could swear his ass was on fire. Michael trusted into him and it pained calum but he knew it would get better, it always does the countless times they have had sex.
Both boys are moaning messes, moments away from their climax when Michael stops moving, causing calum to slap his chest. "Stop cal. I think someone's coming." "Then hurry the hell up." Michael begins roughly pounding into his boyfriend and grabs calums tan cock, stroking it to add pleasure. Calum releases into Michaels hand and into his own stomach, Michael following soon after.
"Michael. Stop getting boners in public."
"Look at the bright side now, I might be tempted to bring you to McDonald's more after what just happened." Calum rolled his eyes while pulling his jeans up. And then he froze, making eye contact with an employee, who stands where, eyes wide, mouth open, pants tight. Michael smirks as they walk past him, giving Calum a light tap on the butt, making him jump. "Can we go to McDonald's for dinner too mikey!?"
"Sure baby." Michael said smiling as the drive back home.

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