DONGHYUK✖Personal Maid

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"Oh, so you're the maid we hired yesterday?"

"Yes ma'am. Nice to meet you again." You shaked hands with Mr and Mrs Kim politely.

"I would just like to inform and say things to you before we leave for our business trip. Donghyuk, our son, is a bit strict and he is always demanding. I hope your patience for him." You nodded, giving a nervous smile.

"O-okay Mr Kim. Have a nice trip."

"Thank you. We need to go." They already left with their luggage.

You roamed around the house, checking those pictures that is displayed on their cabinets.

"Nani Jo Eun, where's---" A guy's voice disturbed you. You slowly turned around, seeing a handsome guy.

"Donghyuk, she's your new maid. Your mom and dad already left. I'll just go to the kitchen." The other maid went to the kitchen and left. Donghyuk was just looking at you while he's on the stairs.

"Go-good morning Donghyuk-ssi. I'm ______."

"Come with me upstairs." He ordered. Can he greet me first? Geez.

"Such a strict freak." You said.

"What did you just said?" You were shocked because you thought he already went upstairs.

"I said I'll go with you." You walked on the stairs following him.

You were really about their mansion. There are lots of frames hanging on the wall, chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and their floor is well vanished.

Donghyuk opened a door. I guess that's his bed room.

He opened the door widely so you can see it his room.

"You see all of that?" You nodded as an answer. His room was a total mess. Shirts and socks scattered around. Candy wrappers on the floor and his bed sheets are in a total mess.

"Did a hurricane visited your room?" He just rolled his eyes. He's a brat. You thought.

"You need to clean my room. I'll give you one hour to finish it."

"Just one hour? Do you think I can clean this filthy room for just for one.. Hour!" You exclaimed.

"Complain or you want to get fired right now? I heard from dad that you really need money?" He said with his face near to you. You sighed.

"Whatever." You went inside his room and picked all of his stuffs. You put it where it belongs.

"If money isn't involved right now, I already did punch you." You whisperwd. You get all of his clothes and put it on the basket. Glancing at the door, you saw Donghyuk crossed arms while leaning on the door.

"Bla bla bla. Just clean okay!" He smirked. You're already done grabbing all those clothes scattered.

Exactly when you turned around, he took of his white shirt and threw it on your face.

"Include that. Put it on the basket." He said and leaned again. You looked at his milky body from top to bottom.

"You're drooling. Cover your mouth." You shook your head trying to get back in the reality.

"I'm not! Feeler." You dragged the things you picked on his bed and arranged them individually. Next you did was fixing his bed.

"Can you please not look at me?" You complained. He was just looking at you while leaning on the door.

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