✠ Chapter Twenty-Three ✠

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Healing Gabriel: Chapter Twenty-Three

                                                   〒|Evan's POV|

      The first half of the day was practically choking me with anxiety. Axel and I shared the morning periods, enabling us to freak out together. Fighting on school property could get us suspended, and worse, maybe even kicked off the football team. For good. And I know I haven't exactly been showing up for practices or games, but I still didn't want to be removed from the team.

       So there we sat, supposed to be working on our Spanish activity but blowing it off and conversing with each other in English instead.

      "Dude, I could hardly sleep at all last night," he whispered to me once the Spanish teacher moved away from our desk area. "If I get kicked off the team, my dad will kill me."

      "Mine, too. But not only that, but suspension? We'd be in some major shit," I whispered back. Not to mention, I didn't want to leave Gabriel alone at school. He was doing so well with me by his side; I didn't know how he'd react to my long-term absence.

      "I know. But I don't think those pricks ratted us out . . . yet. Anyways, I haven't seen Slater today. Have you?"

       I gave a negative shake of my head.

      "What if he got expelled? What if the school called his mom? Dude! If the school tells my mom that I was fighting she'd beat me!" He looked frantic now. I shoved his shoulder.

      "Hey, we're in the eleventh grade, not third. Stop worrying, okay? They won't call our moms. I bet Slater's just skipping school or something."

       Axel sighed. "You're right." He slumped down in his desk, running a hand through his brown hair. We were quiet for a moment, listening to the others around us. Then I decided to turn the mood around.

      "So," I said with a knowing smirk. He looked up from his lap.


       I gave a suggestive wiggle of my eyebrows. "You and Alana, huh?"

      His tan cheeks tinted the slightest shade of pink. "I wish."

      "Dude, just go for it."

      "She doesn't like me like that," he sighed despondently.

      "How do you know?" I inquired. He shrugged.

      "I try and be nice to her. I'm nice, right? Or am I a creepy obsessive stalker she wants to ditch?"

      I rolled my eyes. "Axel, please. If she didn't like you, I highly doubt she'd be hanging all over you."

      He smiled a little. "You think so?"

      I nodded my head. "Positive." I was sure of it. I mean, Alana was like Gabriel in some ways, right? She must be wary of men, too. She was very affectionate, though; not as reserved as Gabriel. I bit the inside of my cheek. I wish Gabe was affectionate . . .

      Gah! He told me this would happen. That I would eventually want more from him and he could never give me more. But I totally brushed his little warning off. I'd tried to convince myself that I didn't need nor want physical contact from him, but the more we bonded, the more I felt myself falling for him.

      It was totally unfair.

      Why did that monster have to go and do that to my kitten?

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