Chapter 2: Escape attempt

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"Good morning Tomoe Chan!" I heard him say. I sat up on the crumble covered bed and yawned. I spent my time eating cookies until I felt asleep. "Still sleepy? So cute!" He said and sat on the side of the bed. I looked around. There was no indications that was morning or night what so ever. "What do you want for breakfast? Bread, pancakes, cereal?" He asked me. "I'm not hungry." I whispered and laid down again. But before I was able to get my head on the pillow, I felt something grabbing my waist and pulling me up again. Kaneki had hugged me from behind and rested his head on the crook of my neck. "Tomoe Chan,  you need to eat! How about this? You go take a bath while I go do you some pancakes? Does it sound good to you?" He asked. I was going to deny but then I remembered that I could escape while he thought I was bathing. "Ok." I said. I got up and walked to the bathroom. "Wait, Tomoe Chan! Here's clean clothes." He said, giving me a pink bra, pink panties and a white t shirt that could reach my thighs. "Thought you would look cute in that." He smiled.
 I walked to the bathroom and closed the door. "Pervert!" I thought and throw the clothing to the ground. I turned on the water to pretend I was bathing and waited five minutes. After those five minutes I slowly opened the door and tip toed to the black door and saw Kaneki distracted with the pancakes. I tried to opened it but it locked. I saw the keys on his jacket pocket,hanged by the door, and I hurriedly pick them and tried to open the door.
 "Tomoe Chan? Are you trying to leave me, again?" I turned around to see a mad Kaneki with his kakugan activate and his kagune out. "No, Kaneki of course not...I" "You were! Why Tomoe Chan? All I want to do is protect you! I guess I have to use more extreme measures!" He walked towards me and grabbed my colar,giving me a quick kiss and then spun me around and smashing my head against the black door, making me unconscious.

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