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no one knew this side of luke. no one knee this side. luke is normally a slacker. staying out of everyone's way, although he knew everything.

everyone knew luke. everyone knew that luke was the strongest in the entire school. after all, he is the toughest boxer out in greenfield. i mean, greenfield is surrounded by bigger cities like milwaukee. hes pretty big over there too.

no one, and i mean no one, knew luke has a sweet spot for michael clifford, ashton irwin, and calum hood.

why would someone have a sweet spot for tiny michael, the one everyone ignores. the one who has his parents constantly over his back for his grades, hurting him for getting a 'b' on a graded paper. no one knew he has a eating disorder, bulimia to be exact. no one knew how worthless he felt.

why would someone have a soft spot for ashton. constantly getting in trouble for not getting his homework done, constantly smoking weed to forget it all. ashton was numb, needing someone to cry on. he doesnt let anyone in. ashton needs Luke.

why would someone have a soft spot for calum, the one who gets bullied for wearing girly clothes. the one who comes home to find his mother drunk. the one whos sober father abuses him and makes calum fall asleep every night wondering why hes still alive.

what if luke hemmings, one day, saves them all and starts talking, soon ending up being their protector of the real world?

i just want everyone to know that this is my own plot. ill update whenever (theyre probably gonna be really slow updates) but yeah.

-luke is blonde, yes. hes the same height. he just probably has more muscle. he wears snapbacks and flannels and black skinny jeans everyday

-calum is about 5'6, wears girl clothes (obviously), and is cuddly. he might not warm up to everyone right asap but. he wears sweatshirts and yeaaa//:

-ashton is probably about 5'11-6'. he wears black skinny jeans and band tees, covered in sharpie doodles drawn by himself. everyone can tell by his doodles that hes not all badass.

-michael wears band tees and black skinny jeans, but he wears sweatshirts. he colors his hair resembling to how he feels in the beginning of each month (his hair is green atm, meaning sad/depressed about something)

disclaimer: there may be things that are triggering to you; i advise not reading if this does. i totally do not want to hear something has happened to you over this story. feel free to talk to me any time, although i might not be the best at advice and stuff like that.

i love you all😘

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