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China at the top❤

My name is China Valentine,don't ask why my first name is spelled the same as the country, because I really don't know,anyway I live in new Jersey Im 16 and hate my life all kids my age don't understand me,they think the only way they are gonna survive is with a boyfriend ,party's and drugs, as you can tell I'm a little antisocial, but that's okay because all I need is a good book and I'm satisfied

I woke up to the sound of my mother yelling"China come and get this damn book bag off my chair" if you havent notice my mother is a real piece of work,I know you are not suppose to talk bad about your parents but me and her haven't been on good terms since she started picking up that bottle

I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom ,I handled my hygiene before getting dressed ,I put on a white fitted T-shirt, black cut up jeans ,red high top vans ,my hair was up in a messy bun and my everyday black geek glasses

I got good hair and its long,but that don't stop me from putting in weave,I mean everyone get tired of doing there hair every morning,I grabbed my phone and ear buds before making my way down stairs

"Good morning,how are you" my father David said while kissing my forehead ,me and my father are close he even went with me to buy my first bra "happy that today is the last day of school " he laughed "I thought you liked school" I rolled my eyes "i do,just not the kids,if the government was not gonna make parents go to jail,high school would be empty" he gave me the side eye and laughed

On my way out the door I grabbed my book bag and a apple,before walking to the end of the block to get on the bus,the bus stop was full of kids who go to my school

I placed my ear buds into my ear and filled my head with beyonce, they all gave me hateful and judgemental looks ,see what I have to deal with,I put my head down and starred at my shoes until the big yellow bus came into view

🎤Chris point of view👾

Wassup, its the one and only Chris Brown,im your typical hood nigga,just without the gun and selling drugs I may smoke it but that's all,anyway im 17 and sexy,I would call myself a lover boy,i see something I want I'm gonna get it ,I'm a very confident person and I find that sexy in a woman, I been with my girlfriend Camille for a year now and she changing me for the better

My alarm went off at 8:03am its the last day of school who in the hell gonna be there on time ,anyway I handled my hygiene before getting dressed,

I put on a black fitted T-shirt, black skinny jeans that was cut to see my knees ,all white high top air force ones and a black polo hat with a red horse

Its hard because I barely see my mama ,she forever at work or on business trips she is a bussiness woman,she own 5 store in 4 diffrent citys but I'm not gonna complain, because she keep food on the table clothes on my back and love in my heart

I ate a big bowel of Cinnamon toast crunch before grabbing my phone and keys I locked up the house and made my way to my all black 2016 Lamborghini

My father actually bought me this last year on my birthday,we don't speak he just send me money and gifts because my mama got him on child support, she says its to teach him to take care of his responsibilitys


When I got to school I parked my car and lit a blunt as I smoked and watched everyone get off the school bus,I  guess I'm not that late

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