My Christian Diary

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Dear Reader,

"Alright, these are the stories and thoughts of your average teenage girl. Plus one extra element...she is Christian. Dundundun. Please vote and comment! Luvs you guys!" This was my original thought process when I started writing this book at the age of thirteen. I didn't write for a long time after that, over four years in fact, but now I've began again and I'm here to stay this time. Your average chapter could be some deep, intensive conclusions about the world and the Bible, or it could be a funny anecdote involving my family or my friends. Either way, you know the struggle. Now that I've matured a bit, I'd like to change the title to something more mature, like "My Christian Journal" or "A Collection of Recollections," but I think the original title and ensuing chapters are a good intro to my mindset, and we can be like old friends, you and I. With as much love as is possible in this situation,


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