5- hollow and fox meet

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Warnings: This is a fan fiction crossover featuring Naruto and Bleach. In no way shape or form do I own the series and/or its characters. This story however is an original idea that I have had for a while now and decided that it is time that I got around to writing it. Some of the characters may seem a bit OCC so please don't hate me for it!

Key Guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to ones self', *mental speech*, (author notes), bold - Kyuubi & Shirosaki speaking, italic - attacks/jutsu, -spirits speaking-

Chapter 5- hollow and fox meet

As both Naruto and Ichigo headed home after visiting the spirit, Kyuubi and Shiro were roaming the mindscape of their human hosts when they noticed or felt that something was off. Shiro who was now wearing an inverted version of a shinigami attire as a large sword wrapped in a black cloth rested against his back. This was both his and Ichigo's zanpakuto (sword spirit) Zangetsu. Even though Zangetsu hadn't fully manifested, he was slowly coming into existence.

'It won't be long now.' Shiro thought to himself. That's when Shiro had noticed that one of the buildings in Ichigo's mindscape had turned blood red. 'That's new!' he thought to himself as he lept from building to building in Ichigo's mindscape to make it over to the red building. There was a large door on the building which raised a questioning look to rise on Shiro's face. He placed his hand onto the doorknob to feel a very familiar feeling that he had felt once before. 'Could it be possible?' he thought to himself as he threw the door open to have a bright light engulf him.

Meanwhile within Naruto's mindscape, Kyuubi was hunting. The demon fox was chasing down a small rabbit who had managed to elude him.

"You win this round rabbit!" he grumbled. That's when Kyuubi had noticed the blue door that seemed to lead to nowhere. 'What in the world?' he questioned to himself. Suddenly the door opened causing Kyuubi to jump back. A bright light blinded the fox demon. After a few minutes Kyuubi blinked his eyes rapidly when he found himself face to face with a white version of Ichigo whom had black and gold eyes. When both monsters saw the other one, they lept back into a defensive stance.

"What the Hell?" they asked the other one in unison. Kyuubi couldn't help but to notice how much Shiro looked exactly like Ichigo except he was devoid of all color.

"Its not possible. How did you get here Ichigo?" asked Kyuubi.

"Sorry I may look like him but I am not him." replied Shiro as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. This caused Kyuubi to raise an eyebrow.

"Please explain cause I don't understand." stated Kyuubi.

"Where exactly am I? And who in the hell are you?" asked Shiro.

"Your within Naruto's mindscape. I am the nine tailed demon fox Kyuubi." stated Kyuubi. This caused Shiro to raise his eyebrow. Shiro let go of his weapon as he began to fully look around.

"I wouldn't picture Naruto having a mindscape like this or a creature like you within him. But it does explain a lot." stated Shiro."How's that?" asked Kyuubi. Shiro crossed his arms across his chest.

"Like how Naruto can see and hear spirits like Ichigo can." stated Shiro.

"I am afraid that you have lost me. I still don't even know your name." replied Kyuubi in confussion.

"Shirosaki Ogichi but Ichigo calls me Shiro for short. Aren't you a zanpakuto…. A sword spirit?" asked Shiro. Kyuubi simply shook his head no. "Strange….. Then perhaps you have enough power to become Naruto's zanpakuto."