Save Me

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Quiet and unassuming Maxine Roberts is an average teenage girl, but because of a childhood incident she is all alone. She was eight years old in the third grade she was kind of shy, but she wanted to change. So one day she had an opportunity to make that change happen, the class had a new pet bunny that everyone loved. All she wanted to do was help her classmates feed the bunny; she told them “Bunnies are vegetarians so they only eat veggies, but not too much, ok”. In the end the bunny died because it was over feed, Maxine was blamed until this day she hasn’t had a single friends or love interest. All her effort to have it all thrown back in her face in, now in high school she is without a single friend or boyfriend because of a childhood incident that left her believing that people will betray each other sooner or later.

        Hello my name is Maxine Robert; I am 16 years old and a freshman at Roslow Academy. It was originally a school for all girls but now its co-ed. Like it matters just because they add a couple of boys in the school doesn’t change it from being the torcher chamber it is. Every day I walk the halls with distant laughter coming from behind, it’s very easy to ignore but someday those piercing sounds just won’t leave my mind. Usually the students would pass me by without saying anything, but for some reason today was different.They stopped me in my tracks with a simple question, but coming from her it was a brutal attack. She was the leader of The S Group Ashley Salvatora following close behind was Taylor Savanna and Tiffany Sarita other well known as The School's S Group. They were this group of girls that found the simple pleasure in harassing students and I was their number one victim. “Hey Maxine, do you have a boyfriend?” the hallways went completely silent and then a burst of laughter came over them. I brushed it off and kept walking, but my ears couldn't help but to listen to their cruel remarks. They knew I never had a boyfriend, but I wonder what they would have done it I had said "Yes".   That's a rhetorical question; I knew what they would exactly do. What they always did when they see me talking to a boy was try, but never really hard to play friends. They would pull me away from that guy while Ashley worked her magic.  I never really cared. I just felt sorry for the boys, every guy Ashley had ever been with. She would always spit them right back out and then she tells me "I'm done you can have my left overs now". But whatever, it was the boy's own fault for falling for that easy trap. She would always use the same old trick, pretend that her bra strap would fall off and need his help to pull it back up because for some mysterious reason her hands were always full. Oh wow big whoop it's like they never seen a wonder bra before. I would sometimes wish I had some friends that I could talk to about how much Ashley was a total bitch. But then I would remember remember how my so-called friends in third grade treated me. How the abandoned me when I needed them the most. I didn't need any friends; I did not want to feel the pain they would cause. I know sixteen years are a long time not having friends, but do having friends really matter. I made it this long without them, so I think I’m fine.     

            I am glad school is finally over. Now I can hurry to change, to head to my part- time job at a convenient store close to my house. After changing I walk to the front gates of the school to only be pushed down to the ground. I turn to see what idiot it was this time. I was surprised this idiot was a pretty good looking guy. I waited to hear my "I'm sorry" and any other lame excuse he had. But heard nothing, frustrated I stood up and gave him a mean looking glare. His friend said between every other laugh "Oops, sorry Maxine didn't see you there". I wanted to say "don't say "oops" to me that's what your mother said to your father when she found out she was pregnant with your butt”. But instead, I bite mytongue give them both an annoyed glare and walked away. What a pair of rude boys. What, they never heard of common courtesy?


                                                         Knight's Side:

"Hey John, who was that girl you just pushed down". John looked at me in confusion and said "That's no body you need to worry about" still curious, I ask again until he finally gives in "Fine bro, gosh that was Maxine Roberts. But forget about her, she's a loser and she doesn't even talk. What you really need to worry about is the hot honeys in this school now". He goes on talking about how this school has the cutest girls ever. But for some reason I can't stop thinking of that girl, Maxine. She was different, she was nothing like the girls in this school that hiked up their shirts so high you could practically see their butts without even trying. "Knight, KNIGHT! Bro are you even listening to me". I shake off the trance I was in thinking of Maxine. "Oh sorry John, I was just thinking of something" he looks at me and invades my personal space. I stare back at him "What?" he backs off and we continued walking “Nothing I just hope you’re not thinking of doing anything stupid, as in going after Maxine. Dude do you know what that would do to your rep. In the girls eyes at this school you’re the hottest guy they probably ever seen. So their all after you, even Emily” when he said Emily I could see the pain it caused him. I hate causing him pain but it’s not my fault that she liked me since middle school. “John is you still hanging on Emily. Sure she’s pretty but that’s not all you want in a girl”. John turned around and began to rant how Emily was a rich mocha latte girl with a body that would make a priest rethink he’s vows of celibacy. I ignored his little hormone filled self and walked through the gates to go home.

                                                 End of Knight's Side:


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