Jealousy Brings Out the Beast- NIALL HORAN #DirtyImagine

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“What was all that?” Niall yelled at you as he threw the keys onto the countertop.

“What was what?” You grabbed a Mike’s out of the fridge and popped the top off.

“You know damn well what I mean.”

You slammed the open drink onto the counter.

“Why do you get SO worked up with crap like this? So some guy bought me a drink and I flirted with him. That doesn’t mean I wanted to go home with him!”

“I was talking with my friend and you just walked off to flirt with some guy!” He loosened his tie and tossed his jacket on the arm of the couch. 

“I wanted a drink Niall. I’m not you; I can’t wait for people to send a bottle of wine to me.”

“Seriously? I don’t ask for people to send me drinks. They just do!”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” You walked into the bedroom to take off you dress.

“I wasn’t finished.” He huffed standing in the doorway.

“Well I was. You’re drunk Niall. Please just get in the bed.”

You unzipped your dress and let it fall to the ground. You stood just in red lace underwear that he request you buy just last week. 

He came up behind you, grabbed you hair in his fist, and pulled your head back. 

“Do you think he could fuck you as well as I could?” He growled at you. 

“Niall! Ow! Stop!” 

He loosened the grip, but didn’t let he go completely.

“I bet you’d suck his cock like the slut you are.”

You couldn’t help but be a little turned on. A jealous Niall was a sexy Niall. 

“Not even denying it. You whore. I bet he’d like these.” He let go of you hair and snapped the fabric of your underwear onto your smooth skin. He turned you around and took you breasts in his hands. “I bet he’d suck these little nipples until they were rock hard.”

You moaned and decided to play along with his game. 

“Then he’d lay me over the bed and fuck me. I’d moan his name loud enough for you to hear all the way across town.”

He growled. “It won’t be his name the neighbors will be hearing tonight.” He lifted you up high enough so you could wrap your legs around his waist. He plunged his tongue into your mouth. You could taste the scotch on his tongue. He carried you over to the bed and threw you down. He started to unbutton his shirt when you began undoing his belt. 

He slapped you hand away. “I’m not giving you any pleasure until you’re properly punished.” 

He let his shirt hang open, reveling his toned stomach. He walked over to the closet and grabbed a box. He pulled out three pairs of handcuffs, a blindfold, and a gag. 

“Getting kinky are we? Who knew sweet Niall Horan had such a dirty side?” You sat in anticipation. 

“Come here.”

Enjoying this new side he was showing, you practically ran over to him. 

He turned you around and put on the blindfold. He led you to the bed, where he handcuffed you hands together and you feet apart. “Open your mouth.” He ordered. He stuck the gag in and buckled it onto you. “Now you’re all mine.” He smiled at the sight of you. He tore off the underwear you were wearing. “Much better! Now your punishment.” He walked out of the room. He came back with a tray of ice cubes. 

You couldn’t see anything. All you heard was a cracking noise. Then you felt cold right on your hard, pulsing clit. Your gag kept you from making much noise. You attempted to move away from the cold, but you couldn’t. He laughed at you attempts to move. 

“This is what you get! You are mine. NO ONE ELSE’S. Do you understand?”

You tried you hardest to answer, but you pain/pleasure from the ice cube melting on you clit. 

He climbed on the bed and slapped both of you breasts. He got right next to you ear. “I asked you a question.” 

You said yes over and over again hoping he would hear you. 

He placed two more cubes on your nipples that were hard from the slaps. He removed the gag. 

You heard him remove his pants. You felt his weight on the bed. You could feel him kneeling over you.

“Open your mouth. NOW.” 

You opened it waiting for his next move. He stuck a finger in your mouth. You sucked it as hard as you could.

“What a good little slut you are.” He un-cuffed you hands and untied your blindfold. He left you feet cuffed so you couldn’t run. 

You sat up and took his penis in your mouth. 

“Oh god yes. Yes. Fuck. You’re really good at this. Shit.” He put his hand on the back of your head, holding it in place. “Don’t stop. Oh god, don’t stop.”

You felt his penis twitch in your mouth, and were soon filled with his semen.

“Swallow it.” He commanded.

You followed his command and licked you lips when you were done. 

“You’ve been very good, haven’t you?”

You nodded and looked at him wide-eyed.

“Have you been punished enough for your actions?”

You nodded again, praying he would tend to your hot core that was begging for his talented tongue. 

“I think you have. Now time for pleasure.”

He seemed to be lighter already; more like his everyday self. Not this dark, possessive person he’d been for the past hour. 

He un-cuffed your feet and kissed you ankles. You laid back down, waiting for him to make his next move. He put his hands next to you head. 

“My beautiful (y/n). So sweet, so innocent, so wonderful.” He kissed your neck, making you giggle. He kissed your collarbones, leaving a hickey or two along the way. He kissed down your stomach. He kissed all the way back up your body, and left a light kiss on your lips.

He laid on top of you, his penis waiting at you entrance.

“Are you ready my beautiful girl?”

You nodded to him.

He slowly entered you, knowing that’s exactly what you needed.

You whimpered. You had no other sounds left in you.

The room was silent except for the occasional whimper.

You both rode out the last orgasms of the night together.

He laid next to you and ran his thumb across your check. “I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” He ran his hands over your wrists, which were starting to bruise a bit from the handcuffs. He began to tear up a little, knowing he’d hurt you so much.

You put your hands on his face and made him look you in the eye. “Niall James Horan. I don’t regret one bit of tonight.”

“I feel so ba….”

“Just shut up and hold me you beautiful boy.”

He kissed the top of your head.

“Your wish is my command.”

You both fell into a deep sleep holding each other tightly

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