Need or Greed

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The complicated lives we lead

move some to dream of less

We read the books and watch the shows

not thinking of the stress

That people in those simpler times

dealt with everyday

Or how the rule of law was built

to equalize the play

When might made right, the strongest there

could force His will on most

While those ill favored and not strong

made up a silent host

The Lords and Ladies of the land

held sway in days of old

They prospered on the strength of those

who did just as they're told

"Plant and harvest, give me most

like all my farm holds do

It's my land, I'll let you work

so you can "help" me too"

We rarely see the cost involved

with running Lordly houses

The worth of food just thrown away

from one of their carouses

We don't see when they eat meat

the peasants eat black bread

Or that the slightest Lordly whim

could cost a serf his head

We don't see the drudge work, because,

that's not entertaining

And we want fun, escape our lives

with images remaining

My daughters say "I wish, sometimes,

that I could live back then"

I'm sure they want the Lordly past

I cannot help but grin

For even lords and ladies then

weren't happy all the time

Or healthy as we see them shown

on our TV prime

My grandma at 100 plus

rode in a horse drawn wagon

And I stalked the milk man's route

nicked ice when he was  laggin

The exponential growth of stuff

that makes our lives so grand

Adds stress that makes us think about

just what we have at hand

It's true I'd like to simplify

but going back those years

Would remind me of our progress,

of all the blood and tears

That paid for all that we now have

and what we think we need

I think the simple life's a draw

to balance out the greed

Richard Higley © July 2011

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