Set Me Free extras!

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A/N: Hi everybody! It's been such a crazy, awesome experience seeing all of your comments and votes since Set Me Free went up on the Featured List. You guys are the best! I appreciate every comment and vote more than I can say.  <3

Several of you have asked about extra scenes (which, so flattering! <3 ). I wrote a series of six scenes from Owen's point of view called PRISON OF HIS OWN MAKING. Three are about Suze, and three are about Miranda. So, if you're curious about what some of this was like for Owen, this is your chance to find out! It's published on my profile now. :-)

By popular demand, I also wrote a short story about everybody's favorite clueless lovebirds, Andy and Kaye. :-) It's called IF I STAY. This story takes place after Kaye leaves the island to take a job as a photojournalist in Boston, when Andy comes to visit her for the weekend. 

If there's another character you'd like to know more about, let me know in the comments! I can't promise anything, but I'll make a mental note and see if inspiration strikes down the road.

Thank you again for reading!



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