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We were fighting. That’s how it’s been lately. A constant fight. Me and Harry had a lot of similarities but at the same time, we were so different. I liked to have fun and party but I also enjoyed just staying home and relaxing most of the time. Harry on the other hand, loved to be out and about. Sometimes it was a perfect balance, until recently. I just moved to London from America to live with Harry and I also started a new school. It was hard, adapting to life in a different country with different people and a different school system. And tonight Harry wanted me to party, meet more new people and enjoy the night streets of London. He didn’t understand that I really needed to study material for my new classes.

“I don’t understand why you always have to study?! Stop being boring and go out and have a little fun once in a while!” He shouted at me while I started unpacking my books.

“I’m not boring! I just need to study tonight Harry! I’m trying to get into medical school remember Harry?!” I shouted back getting mad that he thinks I’m boring.

“Like you’re really good enough for that.” He shouted and I just froze. He already knew my insecurities. How I never really thought I was smart enough, how I always thought I was going to end up like my parents, broke and unsuccessful. I felt the tears begin to pool in my eyes. He started to talk to but I just grabbed my books and turned to head for the guest bedroom.

“Baby, no I’m sorry I don’t mean that. You know how wonderful and intelligent you are. Baby, please stop walking away from me.” He followed me but I once I got to the bedroom I shut and locked the door.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry I didn’t mean that, I really didn’t. I just miss having fun with you baby please.”

“Leave me alone Harry, go out and party. I’ll stay here and be the stupid boring person that I am. Thanks for showing me your love and support.” I said quietly through the door. I could hear him sigh. He probably felt bad but I didn’t care. I gave up everything I had to come here and be with him and this is what he does in return. I was shedding tears out of anger and sadness at this point. Trying so hard to hold my sobs hoping he couldn’t hear me breaking.

“Baby, please. I do love you. And I do support you. Please baby, open the door.” He said quietly. I didn’t say anything. I just walked to the bed and lied down hoping he would go away. I could still see his feet under the door but right now I didn’t care.

“I love you.” He said and I saw him walk away. I could hear him grab his keys and walk out of the front door. I should have known that he wouldn’t stay. He didn’t seem to care about anything but the need to party.

Before I knew it, I feel asleep. The anger and pain he left me with becoming too much to bare. When I woke up, it was already half past midnight and I knew he probably wasn’t home so I was going to go downstairs to make some tea and start studying like I actually needed to do. When I opened the door, there were flower petals all over the hallway and leading down the stairs. In the kitchen I noticed there was a candle burning on the counter. When I approached it, there was not from Harry saying he was really sorry. I heard him snoring on the couch and smiled to myself knowing that he was probably tired from our fighting. I walked over to him and leaned down to press kisses against his neck and cheek. He opened his eyes slowly and looked at me.

“Baby, I’m so-“ I cut him off with a kiss. He grabbed me and put me on top of him. He deepened the kiss by grabbing the back of my neck and then running his fingers through my hair. I pulled away.

“You’re such a jerk sometimes, you know that right?” He nodded and leaned in to kiss me again but I stopped him. He gave me a worried look.

“Take me upstairs and show me you really love me.” I said while smiling shyly at him. He chuckled and lifted both of us from the couch. I started to kiss his neck as we made our way to the bed. He lied me down gently and looked at me lovingly.

“You are so beautiful. I really am sorry for what I said. I love you and I will always support you. Please baby, forgive me? You mean everything to me.” he smiled down at me

I just nodded and said “of course, I love you too.”

He smiled his perfect smile again and began to kiss my neck and talk of my shirt. He was always so slow and usually I didn’t mind but right now I wanted him so badly.

“Please hurry Harry, I want you.” He just nodded and took off his clothes while I took off mine. I looked in him eyes and realized once again that he was everything I could ever want and more. No matter how many differences we had.

“baby, are you okay?” he looked concerned.

“yes, my love. You just mean so much to me Harry.” He smiled at me.

“As you do to me Darlin’.” He kissed me and I felt him put his tip at my entrance. Harry always knew how to make me feel good. He pushed in slowly then pulled back out, teasing. I sighed frustratingly and he just chuckled.

“Patience, baby.”

“Harry, I just want to feel you all the way in me. Please baby.” I moaned in response. And with that he pushed himself all the way in and groaned loudly.

“(Y/N) damn, you always feel so wet and tight. So good baby. “ he moaned and started to thrust slowly, letting me soak in his love. He was so thick, always filling me with pleasure. I moaned loudly, letting him know how good he was making me feel.

“oh (Y/N), I love it when you moan. Let me hear you baby, come on.” He said in his low, sexy voice. I continued to moan loudly, spurring him on.

“Harry, please make me cum baby, please.” I spoke into his ear. He started to kiss my neck and move his hand down to my tender parts and started to rub in circles. I could feel my orgasm begin to build up. He was so good at this, pleasing and making me come hard.

“Come on baby, I can tell your close. Let it go baby and say my name.” he spoke into my neck, urging my orgasm on. I felt my toes curls, my lips go dry, and my legs shake. This was pure bliss.

“oh god harry, baby, I , harry, ughhh!” I came hard, moaning his name over again.

“yes baby, oh god. I’m so close” he groaned.

“Harry, keeping going baby, I want to feel your cum in me, come on baby, you know how good it feels.” I whispered into his hoping it help him to his release. I could hear his breath quicken and his moans getting deeper.

“damn baby, ohh, ohhh, shit, I’m cumming, ughhh Y/N” he groaned into my ear and he slowly stopped thrusting and spilled himself inside of me. He lied down on top of my and pressed light kisses into my chest making me giggle.

“You’re so amazing baby. I love you.” He said as he moved to his side and wrapped he arms around me. I turned over to kiss him.

“I love you more.” I said and He smiled.

“This is a better kind of party.”

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