Marks- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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Harry pushed me into our flat, attacking my lips as soon as the door was kicked closed. He licked my bottom lip and I let him in. His tongue ran all along my teeth, and the roof of my mouth. I moaned into his mouth when he gripped my hips tightly, and he smiled against my lips. ‘Bedroom,’ he panted between feverish kisses. ‘Now.’ He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up the stairs, stopping to attack my mouth along the way. He shoved me into our room and kicked his shoes off. I took my heels off as he removed his shirt, pouncing on me again. He nibbled on my neck and jawline, leaving lovebites and hickies. ‘Im gonna fuck you so hard,’ Harry whispered in my ear making me moan. He pulled te straps of my dress down and slid it halfway down my body, leaving my bra exposed. I lifted up off the bed so he could unclasp my bra; he tossed it with our shoes and his shirt and instantly attacked my chest. He licked and sucked, making me run my hand through his hair. I pulled him back up to my lips, kissing him roughly. He sat up so he was straddling me, but he was supporting his weight with his elbows. I could feel his boner against my leg. Hot and heavy. I reached between us and undid his belt and jeans and he kicked them off. I pushed him off of me so he was standing up, and slid down on my knees. I licked him through his boxers and he grunted. ‘Please, babe,’ he moaned. ‘Please what, Harry?’ I asked innocently. ‘Y-you know damn well what I want.’ I smirked and pulled his boxers down. I took his whole length into my mouth, making him gasp and moan loudly. He fixates my hair and pushed me farther down onto him; I felt his tip hit the back of my throat and I gagged slightly, making him moan even louder. I bobbed my head and kept deep throating him until his legs got weak, and I hummed around his dick. He yelped and came in my mouth; I looked up at him and swallowed, knowing he loves to see me swallow. I stroked his length until he got hard enough again, but he pulled me up and laid me on the bed. ‘Your turn, sweetheart,’ he smirked. He kissed down my body, all the way down to my ankles. ‘You know I love you, right?’ He asked. I giggled. ‘Yeah I know baby.’ He pulled my panties down and smirked up at me. ‘So you don’t have a problem with me doing this?’ I was about to ask what he meant but he plunges his tongue into me. ‘H-holy fuck Harry, don’t stop!’ I screamed. He started rubbing figure eights on my clit, making my eyes roll back in my head. ‘Harry!!!!! Harry fuck!’ I yelled as I came. He licked up everything that came out of me, then kissed me again. He thrusted up into me and I gasped. He separated our lips and dug his nails into my hips, picking up his speed. ‘You fucking whore. Taking my cock. Are you a dirty slut?’ He grunted into my ear. I was too deep in ecstasy to reply, but he gripped my jaw and forced my face to be inches from his. ‘I asked you a fucking question,’ he growled. ‘Y-yes Harry, I’m a s-slut for your cock,’ I almost screamed. He smirked and thrusted harder, faster if it was possible. Moans weren’t even leaving my lips anymore. My mouth just hung open from the immense pleasure. Harry’s moans were getting more and more high-pitched and his nails dug deeper into hips. He leaned down and bit into my shoulder while rubbing my clit again, and I lost it. Black outlined my vision and I screamed Harry’s name at the top of my lungs, shattering under him. He gasped loudly and moaned my name, along with a string of profanities. I was shaking from my orgasm when he pulled out of me; he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed my forehead before I slipped into sleep.

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