Not So Innocent- HARRY STYLES #DirtyImagine

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Harry’s Point of View:

Me and Y/N decided to walk to a local Starbucks, which was only a few blocks down from the Hotel we were staying at. I wanted to spend time with her during the couple free days we had before having another concert that’s part of the tour. She sat in front of me, sipping her Drink while tapping away on her Phone. I ordered a drink as well, but I was busy staring at her instead of drinking it. 

The way she sipped her drink, the straw going in between her lips and her cheeks hallowing. I bit down on my lip, suddenly feeling my jeans tighten from thoughts of a few weeks back between me and Y/N. If you saw her walking down the street, she seems really.. innocent. A shy, quiet, girl who wouldn’t dare say a Cuss word. Although a few weeks ago I realized that wasn’t who she really was. Who was she really?

A girl who knows what she wants. She was loud, not embarassed to show me her body ( Which was beautiful ) and all I heard was her moans and curse words slip from her mouth as she continued to tighten her grip on my hair as I stuck my tongue, into her tight wet heat and curve my fingers when taking her Clit into my mouth/ sucking harshly. 

By the time she released her lips from the Green Straw, I was hard. For her. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, not enjoying the tightness of my jeans and hoping she’d realize and let us go. She had her eyes still stuck on her phone. Probably busy playing some game like Sudoku or Candy Crush. I sighed, heavily - which got her attention because I saw her Y/E/C eyes look at me. She sent a smile, “You alright Harry?” I simply nodded. “Yeah.. Yeah, I’m fine, Y/N.” She giggled softly, nodding. Before taking another sip from her drink, a long.. sip. 

I closed my eyes, imagining her going down on me. Unbuckling my belt and pulling my jeans along with my boxers to my ankles and her small hands immediately grab a hold of my Dick and pump at a quick pace. Then once I was almost near the edge, she pulled her hand away and replaced it with her mouth. Her tongue licking from Tip to Base, base to tip. Then taking me into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat and hearing her Gag against me. 

Probably having too much of a good Daydream, I groaned: making my eyes open quickly and notice only a few people as well as Y/N look at me. She giggled, once again, music to my ears.. “Are you sure you’re alright, Harry?” I was about to nod, then I ended up shaking my head. “Babe.. You know I love you, and I know you love me too. Could you help me? Please?” I said, leaning over the table a bit with a begging look in my eyes. Desperate enough to run to the bathroom and help myself - relax. 

She smiled, “Of course Haz. Let’s go.” She said before putting her bag in her phone and standing up. She grabbed her drink and stood in front of me, already knowing what my problem was. I grabbed her hips, letting her lead the way back to the hotel room. Hopefully the boys weren’t back from shopping. 

- - - - -

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.” I heard Y/N say, my eyes fluttering open and widening once seeing her. She was in a Black Lace Push-up bra with a matching Thong. I took my bottom lip in between my teeth, not noticing the fact she was tying me up to the headboard and posts to the bed. I pulled on them, wondering if I was able to touch her. No luck. I sighed, laying my head back on the pillow. “Baby.. Please, you can’t do this to me.” I groaned in frustration, in which she laughed at. “I’m sorry. But do you wanna know why, I wanna tease you, Haz?” She asked, leaning over with her boobs right in my face. I gulped, shaking my head. “No..” 

“You turned me on so much last night when you were sleeping.. I didn’t want to wake you, because you looked so peaceful.” She whispered in my ear, “So I had to finish myself off. You know, what I mean right? Fuck myself with my fingers just like you do?” She took my earlobe into her ear, my eyes closing with a sigh of pleasure. “Baby.. Please.. I’m begging you.. do something.” I said, gasping when she ripped open my button up. The buttons flying all over the place. Yeah. She was a freak at night, wasn’t she?

“What do you want, sweetie?” She cooed, her finger tips teasingly trailing down my abdomen and to the waistband of my Boxers. She’s making me beg. Damn her. “Y/N please.. I want your lips, oh, your kissable- beautiful lips around my aching Cock. It’s so frikin’ hard cause of you,” I breathed out, “Just pl-” I was cut off by my boxers being pulled down and her warm, wet mouth around me. I gasped at the feeling, finally getting some release. She looked up at me from her eyelashes, fuck, as she started moving her head up and down. She has no idea how much of a turn on she is to me.

“Oh shit, babe,” I panted as she took me fully in her mouth. Hearing her gag, was the best part- besides the pleasure. She bobbed her head up and down, one hand on my hips to hold me down; from moving my hips up to increase her pace, and the other now on my balls. Fumbling with them to send me over the edge. “Y/N, oh god, Y/N.. Y-You’re so good at this, fuck, that feels so good,” I grunted. Wanting to hold onto something, but my hands being tied to the headboard was no help. She hummed against me, sending vibration through me that made me Groan loudly. “F-Fucking hell, Y/N.. I-I’m almost-” Yet I was cut off by her immediately pulling away. I sighed, in frustration as she smirked down at me.

“What? Is Daddy Styles, desperate?” She said, a playful smirk on her lips. She removed her panties, throwing them to the side of the room. Before she crawled closer to me. Until her knees were beside my head, straddling my face with her heat. I licked my lips, wanting to taste her- because the smell of her was becoming too much. I needed her, I needed to find a release but I knew I had to pleasure her first. 

“Eat me out, babe.” I heard her say; and she didn’t need to tell me twice. She lowered her hips, grabbing onto the headboard as she hovered above me. I stuck my tongue into her Slit immediately, my eyes closing as I tasted her on my tongue. Her moans encouraged me to continue, taking one long lick with the flat of my tongue. I groaned against her, which made her moan again, “Harry, Fuck, I-I’m close.” She breathed out, making me take her clit between my lips. I sucked onto it, as fast and hard as I could to help her come. Because of me. 

She gasped loudly, almost turning to a shriek. “Harry! Oh my god, Harry!” She moaned, slowly letting it fade to silence as I slurped up her juices. Getting every drip. I heard her panting as she climbed off of me, then removing the last piece of clothing from her. Her bra. I watched as she threw it with her Panties, before hovering above me. She teased herself with my tip, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration before she let me slide into her. A sharp gasp escaping both of us. 

“You feel so.. damn, tight babe..” I groaned out, fighting to get my hands free from the scarves she used to tie me up. I had to grab onto something, her hips, so I can control her movements. I needed her to go faster. Now. 

She put her hands on my chest, bouncing up and down above me once I knew she had to find another release. “You feel so.. g-good,” I said. “F-Fuck haz,” I heard her mutter before she untied my hands. I grabbed onto her hips, making her bounce up and down on my quicker. Her hips hitting against mine. “Shit.. I’m close, Y/N.” She nodded, moaning loudly at the intense pleasure. 

“F-Faster babe.. Please..” She panted, making me nod and get a tighter hold of her hips and move her quickly. Before we both let out a loud moan of each others names, “Let go!” I groaned/yelled. She moaned into my ear, once she leaned over and we both released. Feeling her juices on my dick. I panted heavily, and so was she. 

I helped her off of me, and watched as she untied my ankles. She leaned up, and pecked my lips sending me a smile. “I’m sorry if I was being mean.. or um, rough.” She blushed, making me chuckle and shake my head. “It’s alright, baby.. I love this side of you. Both, actually.” I said, kissing her on her forehead before letting her cuddle into my Chest.

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