Chapter 7: Moan For Me

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***Fun fact: I have decided that Landon does speak Italian. And surprisingly, Akaashi speaks two more languages since his parents are from two different countries; French and Korean. But anyway, apparently, I can't stop updating and it makes me angry that I have no self control (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*DICKS*~✧』. If you've read the one shots, this is the second one. Tell me all your thoughts, what you think, what's good. I like knowing. But please, also enjoy ~~~~

Akaashi is feeling a little better.

A few days to himself was what he needed. After that, he came back all smiley and cheery like usual. I don't expect this to last. It takes more than a couple days to completely get over something like insecurities.

Right now, I was happy that he was happy.

I stood by my locker, listening to Blake rant about how this one party was super lame. I'm not a hardcore partier, so when he went off about not having any drinks or anything to smoke I just looked at him. I know he's crazy. The same lame old friend I had since middle school is going to ruin his life later on. I can feel it.

"You know what really makes me mad? Cheryl. That girl drives me insane." he continued.

"Then break up with her." I gave him a simple solution.

He looked up at me and shut his locker. It was like I stabbed him in the back with the way he looked at me. Fine, then he shouldn't break up with her. I don't know what he wants to hear.

"I just want her to come out to one party. School is pretty much over. We graduate on Wednesday." he said angrily. "We don't even have to be here." he threw his hands up in frustration.

"She's probably not into that." I said.

He mocked me and he didn't do such a great job at it either. "I'm just trying to get it in, okay." he said and turned away. He's lying. Blake always tries to give that fuck boy vibe, but honestly, if he's with Cheryl that means he's not a fuck boy at heart. He doesn't want to get it in, he just wants her to do fun stuff with him.

"Maybe when school is over." I shrugged.

"Did you bang Akaashi or not?" he asked abruptly. I choked on air. "No, wait. What about that one rumor that went around?" he asked.

"Its true." I said.

I wasn't even disappointed.

"I think that's funny." he said but he wasn't laughing. "You definitely know how to pick them, Landon." he shook his head.

Akaashi isn't that abstinent.

He fooled around with me like four times.

Still, he always tells me that it will feel better if we wait. I just go along with it because I can. I'm not trying to reach that end goal, I just like holding his hand. The whole fooling around thing is just a perk of being with him.

Akaashi found me before I left for class. He was really happy today and I was relieved because its the worst thing to see him upset. I felt better today because he did. On Wednesday, we'll be out of this school and we can spend more time if we don't already do that.

"So, I have plans with some of my friends today, but I want to come by later to hang out with you." he said, taking my hand. He did the whole cute smile thing that he always does.

"You can just stay out with your friends if you want." I said.

"I'd rather spend time with you." he said. Okay. I like that. "My friends can be sort of annoying sometimes, and being around a lot of girls can get boring." he said.

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