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"This is the part of Cheshire they don't put in brochures."

The narrowing, brick terraced houses reflected on the windshield as we slowly drove past them. Harry gently parked beside the pavement and leant forward to gaze at the place that we were staying in. I think it was next to the shabby, old tattoo parlour.

"They've redecorated." Harry murmured to himself, and with that he stepped outside.

Stepping out after him, I grabbed my small case and so did he. We walked briefly to the house I presumed we were staying at and turned to the front door. But for some strange reason Harry's firm hand tugged mine past the house and edging closer towards the tattoo shop. But as soon as we were about to enter, I yanked his hand back.

"We're staying here?" I asked warily, the heels of my feet grounding into the concrete as he attempted to pull me inside.

"It has bedrooms upstairs, it's not that bad." He nervously tried to persuade me, but he already spotted the raise of my eyebrow.

"But... It's... It's dirty. Why here?"

"This is the closest thing to a friend's place I could get." He defended.

"How do you know the guy?"

"She's tattooed almost every inch of my body. I trust her almost as much as I trust you. I think she's the only person in Cheshire who still likes me." He smirked a little as he spoke.


He simply shrugged. "Because she hardly knows me."

I raised an eyebrow. "And she let you stay here?"

He didn't reply, he just stared at me with wide eyes momentarily. But then he gave me a quizzical stare. "What's so hard to wrap your head around?"

I gave him a look. "Have you slept with her?"

"Why do you care if I did?"

"So, that's a yes." I murmured.

"Come on, it's for one night. And we'll actually get to sleep on a bed. Stop being such a virgo you little cretin." He pulled my hand towards him some more, and with a final sigh, I joined him in a slow stroll.

Harry was first to swing the front door open, causing a chime to go off once we entered. Aerosmith was playing in the back as I stared at the black leather seats beside me, with a small desk in front of me. To the side I saw a large lady, who looked like she was in her mid twenties, covered in tattoos from head to toe, her red dyed hair giving me anxious nerves as she also held a tattoo gun to someone's back. But as I looked closer at who was resting over the table, he looked oddly familiar to Clyde.

"Gina!" Harry yelled beside me, causing me to jump in fright. The lady then put down her gun and left the tattoo aside for a very short moment. She glanced at Harry with an excited smile and marched towards him with her arms asking for a hug. But just as Harry was about to put his arms out also, she grabbed either side of his face and pulled him in for a kiss to the lips.

She pulled back and then gave him a hug, which Harry uncomfortably received as he wasn't one for hugs. I just stared with wide eyes.

"Look how long your hair is," She laughed. "Fucking hell."

"Is that Clyde?" He asked quietly, and she rolled her eyes with a small smirk. "Clyde? What the fuck? What are you getting? Wait... Don't even answer, it's probably something to do with that fucking cat."

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