15 and I'm loving it!

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I awoke at 7:00 to hear California Dreaming (my favorite song)  blasting out from my IPhone? I don't have a IPhone! 

"SURPRISE!!"  My Mum, Dad, Sister and Candy all jumped out from behind my curtain.

"God you scared me! Thanks for the IPhone I love it to bits!" I cried with joy! 

 My family sat on the end of my bed while giving me what we call "private presents" Olivia gave me a £20 itunes voucher, Candy gave me a black and white photo of us in a lavender field, then there are Aunts and Grandmas etc. Then there was a little white package tied with a candy pink ribbon.

"Who's this from?" I ask.

"It came in the post this morning." Olivia replied.

I open the card it has a big 15 in highlighter pink  (yuck) But inside it reads:

Dear Amy,

Have a very happy Birthday,

Why aren't you having a party?

Fifteen is such a big number!

XX :P Jessie

"POOOOOP" I screamed,

I knew i had forgot someone but not Jess!

"Uh-Oh" Olivia smiled.

I hit her with my pillow serves her right! What should I do? What can I do? 

"Never mind sweetie why don't you invite her around tomorrow?" My Dad suggested.

"Good idea Dad!" I smiled. 

My family left so i could get dressed. I put on: My new juicy couture T-Shirt my Aunt an uncle had given me, its white and it says live, laugh, dream. Its gorgeous. Then I put on my Hollister Heather Grey sweater on top (last years Christmas present) My skinny jeans and dark purple converse. I look great. I go downstairs and have a small breakfast as I have to make room for pizza later!