Chloe's P.O.V

"Megg, come here!" I yelled at Meggie, my best friend. "Now?" she asked innocently. "Right now!" I yelled again. "Okay." She came into my room.

"What's up with it vanilla face?" Oh, she and her sarcasm. "Nothing. know. Why did you put this embarrassing picture of me on facebook?!"  She give me her an innocent look. Why is she doing that all the time? "Please, delete it and it's going to be alright." I said to her and smile in one. ", I think that this won't happen." I was so angry about her but hey, she's my best friend. I can't resent her.

I'm Chloe Ashley Benson. I'm 18 years old and I live in London. Oh, and I am a big rebel.

I just hate my middle name. Don't ask me why. So, if anyone call me Ashley I become very angry.

I love musik and animals. I listen all kind of music. At home, I have 1 cat- Fluffy. It's female and I just love it.

Curentlly, I don't have boyfriend. I have some bad,bad,baad experience.

So, enough with description of me. Let's get back to the story.

We were having a sleepover that evening. At my house, of course. Meggie was taking a shower and I was watching a TV. I was so bored and on TV wasn't nothing special. "Megg, hurry up! You know, that I don't like waiting!" I yelled. Yeah, I lately yell a lot. 

"Done." she said and give me a big smile. "Finally." When I finished my routine, I went in bedroom. Meggie was there already. We went to bed, but we didn't slept. We were just talking about everything. You know, girls stuff. 

At 1. am, we fell asleep at my comfortable bed. 

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