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'Nikki's POV'

"Ouch!" I said ,opening my eyes and reaching for my phone."what the hell!its 9:30 already, I'm late for school!"

I quickly ran to the bathroom and showered as fast as I could . when I'm done I quickly change into my T-shirt and my skinny jeans and grab my bag, keys and walk straight to my car.

I quickly start my car and drove as fast as I can to school. I can imagine Mrs Agnes face when I come in class later . I'm so dead.

when I reach school , I quickly parked my car and ran to the gate behind the field where all the slackers usually use when they're late. I quietly creep inside and make sure nobody notice me when suddenly I felt my shoes stuck to the gate . " shit ," I mumbled as I quickly try to undo it. As I was about to leave I suddenly hit something hard. " trying to sneak in Missy?" that was all I heard before I was dragged to the office and my phone was confiscated. " you may go to your class now" Mrs Agnes said after she took my darling phone. that was my birthday present.

I went into class and went straight to my seat. Not long after, I felt something hit me. I looked at the direction from where it come from and saw Harry smiling at me. I was really in a bad mood so I ignored him. During breaktime, Harry came and sat beside me.

"Hey, you okay?he asked.

"what do you think ? " I answered .

" Hey cheer up, this is not the Nikki I know. Let's watch a movie today after school," he said grinning.

That's what I like about Harry. He doesn't try to make things better instead he try to make things turn around. " what do you say?" he asked when I didn't answer. "Okay but you'll have to wait till I finish detention," I answer.

"okay I'll pick you up at 5 " he said smiling and went to the next class. After school was a hell, I was lectured by Mrs Agnes for a freaking 45mins before I got my phone back. I went straight home after that and quickly change as Harry is going to pick me up in an hour time. I went to shower and quickly get dress. I chose to wear my long-sleeved yellow shirt with my black tights. As I was getting ready, I heard a car honk outside . That must be Harry.

Hey thanks for reading. Its my first time here and I hope you all like it . the next update will be soon.;D

Chapter 2

I quickly grabbed my stuff and locked the door .Since my parents is overseas , I'm staying alone and have the freedom to go around when and where I wanted to. I went into Harry's car and was shocked to find four other people inside. "you didn't say that you are bringing your friends along," I told him. " well I just wanted to give you a surprise," he said smiling. He introduced me to his friends, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall. I shook hands with them and just smiled. The journey to the mall was not really a pleasant one. The boys keep talking and laughing with each other. I chose to keep quiet and enjoy the scenery. Soon I felt a pinch on my right arm. I look to my right and found Niall staring at me. " Urmm can I help you ?" I asked as I noticed that he doesn't even blink. " Nahh never mind just checking if you're still alive," he said chuckling and the boys followed him. I just let a sigh out and ignored him . I don't know why but I just don't have the mood to be laughing.

We soon reach the mall and as I was seated beside the door I chose to open the door and ran out . But as my hand reach for the door , I felt someone's hands on mine. I turn around to find Niall's behind me and smiling.

I felt my blood rush to my cheeks causing me to blush. I quickly open the door and got out of the car.

'Niall's POV'

I saw her hands reaching for the door and I don't know why I reach for it. As soon as I lay my hand on her, I could feel the warmth of her body. She turn around facing me and I couldn't help but admire her . She look so pretty even in her simple style. I don't know why I feel attracted to her.

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