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Nerina had chosen to save herself putting an entire world between her and Eve. A choice she started to question when she was half way to the New World. Why was she constantly running? She was tired of it and yet it was always her first option. Some point in time she was going to have to learn that running away from her problems never solved them. Doubting herself only made a bad situation worse. Only made her weaker. She had drunken human blood and she had not gone over the deep end. She had killed Eve once before; bested her several times over. Fionn had widened the hole in her heart and she had not cut her emotions off, she was dealing with them.

All proof that she was stronger than she gave herself credit for being.

Nerina looked down at her hands turning it over in the moonlight. Evil prevailed when good did nothing to stop it, which was what her father had taught her. The problem was she did not know which she was. Which side was she really on? She was a vampire—born from darkness, shunned by the light of day. Would there ever be absolution for her? Forgiveness for the things she had done. A way to make amends. She wrapped her fingers into fists putting her hands by her side.

Head back she looked up at the heavens as if searching for answers. The sea breeze sprayed salty droplets on her face as she stood in the crow's nest of the ship. They were three days away from land according to the Captain. Three days away from picking up her run on land.

With a heavy sigh, Nerina faced what she knew she had to do. What she had known for a long time but had not been strong enough to do. Nerina had to let go. Not herself but her doubts and fears. She had to believe in herself. She had to believe she was strong enough.

Head still to the heavens a blood red tear rolled down her cheek. There was no going back. And as long as she held on to the past there was no going forward either. She would end up spending an eternity in a limbo of sorrow and bitterness constantly running, looking over her shoulder, tripping over her own guilt. There would be no real absolution but she would have peace. It was peace of mind that she needed, not normalcy. She would find her own peace in accepting what she was.

Fangs lengthening Nerina simply let go. She was a vampire. Some would say she was a monster. Maybe they would be right but that was not all she was. She closed her eyes as a weight slid from her shoulder. Nerina smiled as the image of her daughter's face formed in her mind. Serine. The only truly good thing she had made in her life. Letting go of the past did not mean letting go of the people she loved. She would lose herself fighting for revenge. Nerina needed a greater purpose. One not hinged on her becoming what she fought.

Compelling the crew of the ship, she instructed them to set a course back to Europe. Nerina had no clue what she would find when they returned.

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