The Apple Tree

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Like a tree my hollow is empty
As the hallow weakens
My spirit follows
Slowly getting weaker and weaker.
But I always stand tall.
Like a tree that is ill, I make others peaked around me
When I am weakened
so are they.
Against the biggest hurricane
Or the hardest rain.
I still stand tall
Leaves will always fall
Branches will always break
My shade will keep you safe
When the rain is at its angriest
Although, it wounds me just know
For you, I will always stand tall.

Like a tree my hallow is empty.
It is visible, but still goes unnoticed.
Beasts make homes in the hallow
Using its emptiness for home.
The tree still stands strong.
Birds will always sing
The tree will always shade
Although sunlight will always shine through
Please notice the hallow
Because the hallow will always remember you.

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