Cute Larry and Niam

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"HazzaBear I'm Hungry!!!" Louis yelled like a 5 year old.


"Ha-" Louis was cut off when a cushion hit his face

"Shut up Louis!"Harry Exclaimed

"I thought you loved me" Louis pouted

"LouBear you know I do" Harry pouted

"Then feed me!" Louis commanded while stomping his right foot to the ground

While Harry and Louis were bickering they didn't notice Niall walk in

"Harry since you love me and Louis, do us a favor and feed us both a lovely breakfast ayee?" Niall asked

"Fine!" Harry said and angrily got off the couch. "But don't get mad if your pancakes are burnt Niall!" "Why me?" Niall asked confused "Because I Love Louis more than you." Harry said bluntly "Oii I'm hurt!" Niall said faked hurt "I'm going to find Liam, he loves me and he'll make me a lovely breakfast."

Niall ran away into the hallway and entered Liam's room. Liam sat on his bed putting on his shoes. "Liam!! I'm hungry and Harry doesn't want to feed me good food cause he doesn't love me. You love me don't you?" Niall asked. Liam tied his shoe and got up 'You love me don't you' those words echoed in Liam's head "of course Nialler!" Liam reassured Niall while walking toward the messy blonde headed boy and hearing the familiar sound of Niall's stomach growl.

"Then feed me yeah?" Niall pouted

"Pancakes?" Liam asked. Niall smiled as happy as can be and hugged Liam "Yaaaayyy!!!!" Liam Embraced Niall and walked towards the door turning around to see a pouting Niall. "What now Niall?" Liam asked. "I don't want to walk" Niall said in a sad baby tone 'he's so cute' Liam thought and returned his attention to the sad Irish lad a few feet away from him."and..?" Liam started, "carry me LiLi?" Niall pouted. "You have two legs, you can walk" Liam said in a pretend harsh voice. Niall just stood there pouting and whining like a puppy "Fine! Your lucky I'm a sucker for your cuteness!" Liam bent down and got Niall on his back as they walked towards the kitchen they heard 'Awwes'

"Niam Moment!" Louis exclaimed as he took out his phone and took a picture.

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