Chapter Twenty-Seven» A Date Night

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You've never lived till you see the stars kiss the ground, and the lights illuminate the world.

These had been the words Muskaan said, the last time I spoke to her. Her large hazel eyes had twinkled with an unknown mischief, something splurging with them as she gave me a kiss on the cheek before intertwining her fingers against Khalil, the two stepping inside the car and disappearing in to a world of their own.

I never truly understood what she meant by those words, yet as I stared at the star lit sky and the illuminating lights before me. I knew she wasn't telling a tale of a deceit, rather a tale of a world she lived in.

All around me, light shined in each corner. The loud music of The Beatles echoing across the large carnival. Laughter and cheering could be heard from each corner, as the rides turned and turned, testing a man's will and strength.

The soft warm breeze settled on to us as I found my gaze flickering towards Omar, seeing a soft look on his face. Raising my eyebrows in question, he looked away, as though he couldn't bring himself to speak.

" Come on" He spoke slowly as he rounded the corner walking down the small hill and on to the pavement, before reaching towards the gates. Following after him, I found Omar handing the man at the desk some money whom then printed out a small receipt handing it to Omar.

" Enjoy Sir, and you too ma'am" The young man spoke raising his hat lightly in respect making me nod at him and walk beside Omar.

Despite the loud music and people walking around us, I felt myself drowning against hundreds of thoughts running through my mind.

An eerie like silence fell on us as Omar who once stop beside me, reached towards my hand. Our fingertips brushing lightly. A jolt of electricity rushed down my veins hearing the man speak, his words filled with amusement.

"Do you still have that bear.. What's he called now?" He teased making my eyes widen. Glancing at him astonishment I could feel heat travel through my cheeks, remembering my small brown bear I kept till his day since I was four years old.

" You mean Boo-boo? "I grinned hearing the man snicker beside me. Running a hand through his raven hair before shaking his head, I found Omar walking towards the ice-cream van a huge grin on his face.

" Can I have two Ice-cream with all the toppings and a chocolate flake" Omar grinned at me, glancing at the middle aged chubby man who nodded, serving his order. It didn't even take a minute for the man to hand us our ice cream, as Omar took a bite before munching on his chocolate flake, making me smile at his child like behaviour.

Glancing at the man, a warm tugging feeling gripped against my heart seeing him act so young. His actions almost like those of a child forced to grow up as he glanced at me strangely, confusing selling upon his eyes.

"What? Don't tell me you got some weird fetish with people eating" The man spoke with a wicked glint in his eyes making me glance down, heat taking over my features.

"W-What? No, I don't" I whispered hearing him chuckle lightly and reach towards my ice-cream taking the chocolate flake away from it.

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