1. Chapter One

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Chapter One |

"Come on, Xavier, quit moaning," I rolled my eyes, whilst fastening my seat belt. Mirroring my actions, he sunk in his seat and buried his face deep into the hood of his sweatshirt.

"I'm never stepping foot out of this car, Julie, I mean it," he grumbled, his voice muffled by the material that covered his face. "I mean, did you see how she mocked me?!" he continued, exasperated.

"Come on big guy, first of all she didn't mock you, she nervously laughed," I corrected. "And since when are you hung up on one girl, Mr 'I can get all the pussy I want'," I teased, quoting his previous words, in attempt to make him feel better.

He emerged from his cocoon, and looked at me blankly. "Please don't ever quote my words again," he pleaded, before a smile broke onto his face. We stared at each other for a moment before my blue mini cooper was filled with our uncontrollable laughter.

I started the car, and began pulling out of the school car park, tears of laughter streaming down my pale cheeks. "Oh god, i cannot believe that just came out of my mouth," I choked out in between my laughter. Once our laughter died down, he sat up and smiled smugly, "but i guess it is true, I can bag all the pussy I want," he scoffed.

I raised an eyebrow whilst keeping my eyes fixated on the road. "Cocky much?" I mused, shaking my head.

"You know it's true," he replied, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Finally parking outside the freshly painted white porch, I imitated a gagging noise. "Please, Xavier- I honestly don't know what those poor girls see in you," I said jokingly, my face masked with fake disgust. Clutching his chest, he feigned hurt, and looked at me, "I love you too Julie, I love you too," he said dramatically and with one last laugh, he exited my car, leaving the seat beside me looking empty, as the laughter we shared lingered until I pulled out of his pebbled drive way.


Finally reaching the familiar small, vermilion bricked house, I drove up the narrow driveway and killed the engine. Walking inside, I welcomed the warmth and comfort of my home. Dropping my heavy load onto the floor, I grabbed the note that was attached to the noticeboard on the wall.

"Will be working late, dinner's in the oven. Mum xx"

I sighed and scrunched up the note. I rarely saw my mum nowadays, with her attempting to balance her work, earning money and mother duties, i just about manage to catch her in the mornings. It isn't easy raising a teenage girl on your own, when your bastard of a father gives up on his family for blonde airheads, which is why I try to be as independent as i could. I was taught one thing from my mother's experience, and that was to never depend on anyone, let alone a man to provide you with things.

Exhausted, I dragged my legs up the long length of steps up to the blissfulness of my bedroom, knowing i had approximately an hour to myself before my shift at the Coffee Hut.

Jumping in the shower, I welcomed the warmth of the water allowing it to ease my tensed body. Not long after, I hurriedly dried myself and settled for a pair of tight black jeans and a simple long sleeved knitted jumper, along with my worn out converse. Throwing my damp, knotted locks into a messy bun, I grabbed my essentials and was out the door.


"Julie! You're late," Megan scolded, as I entered the small, vintage like coffee shop, welcomed by the strong smell of brewing coffee beans and a very angry Megan, attempting to balance several plates and mugs haphazardly.

"But it's only 5:45, and I don't even start until 6," I defended, following her behind the counter. Placing the mugs and plates on the sink, she glared at me. Woah, someone is in a but of a mood.

"Well, you know how it is on a Friday afternoon. I can't serve all these customers on my own," she grumbled, shoving my apron with my name tag on it, into my hand.

"Hurry up now, get to work unless you want to get fired this month," she threatened, to which i rolled my eyes and without another word, I got behind the till. Don't get me wrong, Megan is a great person, and for a divorced, mid-thirty woman, she's not as much of a mess as you'd expect her to be, but honest to god, she could be real pain in the ass sometimes-- especially when you have her ex-husband flaunting around his bimbos in her workplace.

"Next, please." I called out.

"Oh look who we have here!" I had to suppress a cringe, as the shrilly voice reached my ears. I attempted to put on the politest smile I could muster. "Victoria," I acknowledged.

"Julie, darling, I didn't know you worked here," she said, flicking her perfect blonde lock, seeming to attempt to mask the look of distaste on her makeup caked face. I shrugged, pursing my lip.

"Well, I do, so how may i help you?" I asked, with a tight smile. Before she could place her order, a shadow loomed over us, and a smirking Cole Jarvis appeared.

Snaking his arms around her ridiculously petite waist, he captured her lips in a wet, sloppy kiss, and i almost shuddered in disgust.

"Excuse me, if you're not going to order, please take your PDA else wear," I intervened. Cole parted away from the giggly, flustered blonde bimbo, and brought himself closer to the counter. Leaning over, he brought his handsome face closer to me. Glancing at my name tag briefly, he soon made eye contact with.

"Uh, Julie, right?" I attempted to hold back a scoff. I've been sitting behind him in Chemistry class and he doesn't even know who i am!

"Well, that's what the name tag says," I muttered, glancing at the line that was currently being held up by these time wasters.

"In that case, Julie." he began, putting emphasis on my name, almost as if he was testing how it sounded on his tongue. "Unless you're the one who's going to be sucking my dick from tip to bottom, followed by incredible, mind-blowing sex, you leave us be," his hands wrapped around Victoria's waist again whilst a smirk played on his lips. Victoria giggled childishly, and placed her freshly manicured hands on his chest.

"Cole baby, I missed you," she whined, looking up at him through her long fake lashes. Anger burned and i was well and truly infuriated by then. Who does he think he is?!

"Listen here, Cole, I suggest you take yourself, and your pretty little bimbo and go get a room," I said through gritted teeth. "I won't ask again. I've got customers waiting behind you, and I've got money to earn."

Leaning in once again, he got close enough for me to notice his perfectly sculpted features. "Just so you know, I like 'em feisty," he whispered quietly so nobody could hear, his low husky voice almost taking me off guard.

"Cole, let her do her work, there's many more places i'd rather be with you," she said, dragging her words in an attempt at being seductive. Along with his signature smirk playing on his lips, he detached himself from the bimbo and finally made a move to exit the place, with Victoria hot on his heels.

Standing there with my inner turmoil bubbling in the pit of my stomach, I replayed what just happened. Is it wrong and hypocritical of me to say that a part of me pictured doing all sorts of dirty deeds?

Megan snapped me out of my inappropriate thoughts. "Who was that?! He was hot," she whispered, watching him longingly as he exited.

I scoffed. "Please, there's nothing hot about that," I muttered angrily. Says the one who just pictured herself naked, dragging her tongue along every crook and curve on his perfectly sculpted godly body.

What the hell are you thinking, Juliet, snap out of it! Shaking my head, I pulled off my apron and looked at Megan apologetically. "Can you take over? I'll call Mary to help you, I just--I just need to go," I pleaded, before hurrying out.

You need to go and wash yourself with holy water more like!



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