(Chapter 1) ~ The Start of the End

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(Chapter 1) ~ The Start of the End

            When is he coming for me? When? I need to know. I want to change into my spirit form. My body is aching to be seduced and made passionate love to. My erect member wants to be loved and the heat that passes through me in waves makes me squirm at night. I only get relief when I am with a certain friend. He calms me when I need it, his is as caring as a mother, and he is as strong as his animal. The name that was given to him is Kristopher, Kris for short.

            He is adorable when he is kind. I like Kris, but only as a friend. His kindness gives me ease and I see Kris as my idol. How strong he is shocked me as he became determined not to put up with anything that came his way. As he attacked Alex’s father I stared at his shifting form and was infatuated with his change, for I want to change into my form as well. How his fur came over his skin like water was beautiful. His red fur of a fox smoothed onto him like a second skin and his stance was strong and brave.

            As I helped him up off the floor I became worried of what will happen when he goes to Alex’s room. Before I turned to leave and go to the kitchen, where I work, I saw him grab the sharp knife. I went to the kitchen, but became worried about what Kris will do with the knife. My heart went racing as I continued to make lunch. I was subconsciously cooking the steaks as my thoughts circled around what will be happening upstairs.

            As soon as Master Andrews walked though the doors of this home everything became hectic. Kris and Alex spent time apart and all Hybrids suddenly became slaves. Kris was cold and heartless as he stalked the halls as a predator. At first I was scared of him, but as we became forced to spend more time together, I got to know him better and found him to be a very mellow and loving person. Soon he was kind to me and I smiled more than I used to as I gained the trust of a new friend.

            I could feel the smile spread over my face as the thought of Kris and my friendship and the journey that it had to travel to become the blossoming rose that it is. With the image of the rose flowing though my head I became calm and my thoughts ran from darkness to the thoughts of light, from despair to thoughts of kindness and love. The smile that comes to me in dreams popped into my head and I instantly shut down. I know that smile and I will know it till the day that I die.

            That smile, the one with perfect white teeth made me jump from my dreams as they became too painful to bear. These dreams seemed to leave as Kris became my friend. His heart helped me become positive and loving, more open with the world.

            As I finished cooking the steaks I heard a disturbance. I could feel the negative energy come for me and I lost it. I became consumed with darkness and left this place to meet with him…

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