1-Secret Of The Moon's Daughter: Daughter of Artemis Sequel

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Chapter 1:

~Secrets and Cupboards~

"Lyra, my sweet, I love you. I need you to know that. I have to leave you and one day you will come back. I will always be with you. You will be known as Lyra Kelli. And one day you, me, and your sister will all be a family. I need you to know that you will always be loved. You have amazing power, Lyra. You will always be the light of the moon." The Goddess, Artemis, speaks softly to her other 3-month-old daughter. A little baby glowing softly with an iridescent light. The Gods had just finished arguing over the fate of her other daughter when this one crawled out of a cupboard in her palace. Apparently she's a smart, clever, and sneaky girl that had been living off her own findings for 3 months. Aurora was sentenced to stay in Camp Half-Blood. While Lyra was never spotted. Artemis knew she couldn't keep Lyra so she was going to send her away to the mortal world. Since Artemis is a maiden Goddess, she decided to create her own children from the light of the moon. What she didn't know was that instead of one baby, she got 2. Twins. She'd been fortunate enough as to hide Aurora from the other Gods for a while, but even she knew she couldn't hide her forever. One by one all of the hunters, Artemis' companions, came in and kissed the baby girls on their foreheads. They all circled around baby Lyra and Aurora and said a protective enchantment. Only the hunters knew about baby Lyra. Artemis was going to keep it that way. Aurora had all the Gods' powers. Artemis was glad that Lyra only had hers. More proof that she was real and her own precious daughter. She will grow up in the mortal world. Hopefully she will be safe. The hunters will take good care of her. She is in their hands now. "One day you will be mine again. Both of you." Artemis whispers into Lyra's ear picking up Baby Aurora in her protective arms. Artemis takes her necklace from around her neck. It has a bow charm. The bow has an arrow loaded in it. She clasps the necklace around Aurora's neck. It's far too big for her. She takes it off. "You will have it when you're ready." Artemis tells Aurora. Then she grabs another smaller necklace from her pocket that has been charmed to always be her size and clasps it around Lyra's neck. Lyra's liquid silver eyes follow her mother's every move. Aurora and Lyra look exactly alike, from the color of their eyes to the shape of their noses. Only Lyra's hair is much lighter. Lyra's tiny fingers rub the exterior of the charm: A silver crescent moon with silvery-blue pearls embedded within the trinket, with a silver deer overlapping the side of the moon. A smile emerges from her small lips. Soon enough though baby Lyra has had enough excitement for one day and falls into a deep slumber. By the time she wakes up Olympus will be only a dream.


The first images I see are chip bags, bottles of water, 3 girls including me? But I have dark brown hair. And we're all laying in a huge never ending plain of grass sleeping on backpacks. Then the dream fast forwards and I see all the girls battling 3 snakes? Me, the one up front has a magnificent glimmering bow and sheath of arrows with one pointed at the snake. My dream starts to fade away when I hear yelling from what seems like another world.

"Lyra! We're going to be late! Again! You know I can't risk another red card. I could get fired." Ellee yells into my room. "I'm coming !" I yell back. Ellee Freeder is my only friend in this orphanage. We both work at Mary's Ferry across the street from what has been my home for the last 15 years. It's a ferry boat and we are waitresses in the restaurant. Even though we're only 15. It's a small town off the map right next to San Francisco. We both never met our parents and we are the oldest in the orphanage. No family wants to adopt a kid that was left on the doorstep of an orphanage in a town of about 500, with ADHD, dyslexia, and no record of being born. Ellee's parents were killed in a car crash. They were visiting San Francisco in the middle of winter and their car slipped on some ice. They spun out and crashed into an ice bank. Her mother died on impact, and her dad froze. No one knew how the baby lived in the freezing temperatures but she did. Her skin is unnaturally white and pale, like snow. She has lush black hair and cold coffee brown eyes. She has ADHD and dyslexia too. She is truly very beautiful, very smart, and EXTREMELY PUNCTUAL! "Hurry Up Lyra!!! Just throw on some shoes, shorts, and a T-shirt. We'll change when we get there!" Ellee yells again. I look in the mirror one last time. I see my long dark golden blonde hair flowing down my back in natural waves, my silver eyes, and my pale skin. I'm shorter for my age so I only reach Ellee's forehead. But she is fairly tall. I see Ellee is waiting for me by the front door of our room so I sneak out the back door. I tiptoe up behind her and jump up and yell, "SANDPAPER!"

(A/N: sandpaper comment was given by Thali. I told her to say the first thing that came to her head. And sandpaper emerged!)

"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Ellee screams at the top of her lungs. Ellee turns around and slaps me hard on the face. I'm so busy laughing my head off I barely feel it. But I manage a loud, "Ow!" Now she's laughing. "I totally knew you were there!" Ellee laughs. "Yah sure you did! You scream like that every time you see a cereal box too." I laugh back sarcastically. "Let's just go!" Ellee yells, back to her old self. Finally we get to work and we're 10 minutes late. Luckily Mrs. Mary isn't in the restaurant and we sneak in unnoticed. I grab my apron and start working. Mrs. Mary comes storming in and smiles when she sees we're actually here. She leaves and I let out a breath I hadn't even known I was holding in. I give Ellee a look of terror and relief. I grab a notepad and walk out to the tables. I see a group of boys and go to their table. I flip to an empty page and say the normal, "Hello, have you been served yet?" Nothing. They all just stare at me with their mouths open. I give them questioning looks. "Ummm... I asked you a question." I say. A shorter one with tan skin, black- brown hair, and brown eyes looks like he's about to throw something... Or cry. He looks deep into my eyes and I avert my gaze. "Aurora?" He says in a hopeful tone. "No... Lyra." I say pointing to my name tag. "Lyra...?" He prompts. "I don't believe I should be giving out that information to strangers." I say offensively. Ellee comes to my side. "What's going on here?" She asks skeptically. "Ellee, they think I'm some girl named Aurora. And they're asking for information. Which is against policy!" I say turning to look at the confused boys on the last sentence. "Please?" He begs. "Why? What's it to you?" I ask annoyingly. I just want to take their freaking order! "Are you hungry or not?" Ellee asks. They stay silent. "Then out!" She orders. "No please! We're hungry! Very, very hungry!" One with black hair and sea green eyes says immediately. "Fine, then what would you like? ...Besides my name!" I ask harshly motioning to Ellee to go, and it's ok. She gives one last wary look then turns away to take another order. The boy with brown hair seriously looks unstable. I don't know why I'm freaking out so much but something about these guys doesn't feel right. The aura is all wrong. "Please!" He pleads again. I'm about to refuse again and call for security when, I don't know if its a trick of the light, his hand... Catches fire! "What just happened! I saw that! You can't deny that that didn't just happen! I'm not crazy!" I exclaim. And in a lower voice I state, "your hand just caught fire!" "Wait, you saw that?" One with blonde hair and blue eyes with kind of an electric feel says as he puts out the boys... Hand. "Of course I saw it! His hand caught fire! Flames! Inferno!" I exclaim. Why aren't they taking this seriously! Ellee comes over again. "Seriously are you gonna eat or not?" Ellee says exasperated. "I will call security!" She threatens. The boy with the fire hands gets up and walks over to her. To everyone's surprise she screams as if she's been shot.

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