He didn’t know where to go.  The penthouse was destroyed.  His old house had been cleared out.  It was too late to flee to either of his friends’ houses.  He couldn’t imagine going to the hospital and seeing King hooked up to every life support machine known to man. 

            He wasn’t ready for that…

            All he knew was that he had to keep running.  It took his mind off what had just happened.  It felt oddly, liberating…

            Eventually he came to a warehouse.  It didn’t seem abandoned, but he didn’t see anyone around, so he figured he’d camp there for the evening.

            He pulled off the suit since he didn’t want to risk anyone seeing him.  Tossing the tattered fabric aside, he looked for something new to wear.

            It wasn’t perfect, but an old cloth tarp would have to do for now. 

            He was surprised when he heard his cell phone ringing, since he didn’t remember putting it in his belt.

            He wasn’t surprised to see that it was Celine calling.

            He touched the off-hook symbol.

            “Hello,” he mumbled quietly.

            “Cid?! Where are you? We heard that NoirTech had been attacked and when my dad and I showed up they were loading King into a freaking ambulance!  Where are you? Are you okay?” Celine shouted frantically.

            “Yeah… I’m fine,” Cid responded quietly.

            “Where are you?” Celine asked, her tone leveling out a bit.

            “I’m not sure.  Some kind of electronics warehouse on the west side,”

            “How’d you get on the west side of town?  That’s like five miles away!” she asked.

            “I walked,” he mumbled in response.

            “My dad and I are on our way.  He’s got the siren on, so we should be able to get to you soon.  Don’t go anywhere,” Celine commanded as Cid heard a siren come on in the background.

            After a couple of hours, Cid heard the sound of an approaching siren, followed shortly by a door opening. 

            “Cid?!” Celine shouted as she entered the warehouse.

            “I’m over here,” Cid shouted back.

            Within a few seconds, Celine had located him. 

             “What happened?” she asked.

            “The Penthouse got attacked.  King got hurt.  I came here,” Cid explained.

            “What happened to your clothes?”

            “I had to ditch them,”


            “It’s complicated,”

            “Cid… I already know.  I just need to hear it from you,” Celine explained.

            “What do you mean?” Cid asked.

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