Selenas POV 

When Jazmine got home It was obvious something was wrong. First off she had blood shot eyes. This was enough to make me suspicious. I watched a little more closely. When she sat down she winced. Bingo! Thats what happened. She got spanked. I went in to talk to Justin about it. "Justin I need to talk to you." He came into the bedroom with me. "Ya babe!?" He asked noticing the concern in my face. "Jazmine got spanked." I said a little frustrated. "Well should we talk to Jamie about it?" He asked. "No but I do think she needs punished for getting in trouble at Jamie's. I know! We will try a different approach from the usually spanking. Follow my lead.  

Jazmines POV 

"Girls!" Selena yelled up from the living room. "Ya?!" We asked back. "Want to go swimming were opening up the pool now!" Oh shit I just remembered my bruised bottom. "uhhh umm n-no thanks Selena!"  

"Why not Jazzy?!" She asked. I guess I could wear PE shorts. "I guess!" I screamed back.  

Later that day** 

I was walking out the door in basketball shorts and Selena smacks my bottom really hard. I yelped. "Ouch!"  

"Oh Jazzy I didn't mean to slap ya that hard but honestly it didn't feel like I hit ya that hard. Whats going on?" 

"N-nothing Selena. I-it just hurt th-that's all." 

"Okay well why don't you do a cannon ball and show how big of a splash you can make." Selena replied. Why the fuck is she doing this to me. "That's alright Im not really in a swimming mood." 

"Okay then come sit with me." 

Shit shes trying to torture me. I sat down on her lap and bit my lip at the intense pain. Selena saw the pain in my eyes as a tear dropped from my face. "Oh god baby what happened." She asked concerned. "N-n-nothing!" 

"Oh baby its all right you can tell me."  

"I s-swear it-its nothing!" I began to cry. "Oh baby I didn't mean to take it this far." 

"Wh-what do ya mean?" I asked. "Come on inside." She carried me in. "Baby I know that you got spanked at Jamie's." 

"Wha-what! O my god Im sorry Selena I should have told you!" I bawled into her shoulder. "Its all right baby girl." Selena soothed. "First I want you to tell me what happened!" She said calmly but sternly after I calmed down. "Well we were umm d-drinking and I told Amanda her mom was a bit- well you know." I said looking Down expecting another spanking Sure enough she pulled me over her lap as I was bawling already. She pulled Down my shorts and panties. She just sat there and didn't even spank me. She sat me up on her lap. "You know Honestly You deserved every bit of it! But you have been spanked severely so I wont spank you right now but when your bottom starts to heal you can bet your bruised behind you'll receive another spanking with a switch young lady!" 

"I know mommy I love you and respect you more for.that two." I replied just as surprised at my words as she was. 

Selenas POV 

When she said that I broke down in tears. "Y-you called me mommy!" I exclaimed with tears flooding my eyes. "Well Yah I mean you adopted me and are the closest thing to a mom I have and after all you are my mommy right?" 

"Yes baby I am your mother." We both cried ourselves to sleep that night. 


Ik it was short and i haven't updated in a while but my phone got deactivated and that's what I use to write the story so ya Im going to work much harder on the next chapter I promise and please leave more comments on what you think it gives me an idea on what to do next and also it shows you all like my stories enough to comment and ill except negative comments too because without criticism how am i supposed to get better right thanx for reading.

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