Another Piece of My Heart

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Vanessa's P.O.V.

I came in and quickly as possible ran upstairs to my room carefully avoiding my parents eyes I knew they would ask questions and I really didn't want to deal with them right now I had enough crap to deal with I didn't need to deal with them too. When I reached my bedroom I slammed the door shut and flung myself across the bed and begin crying.. I cry so much nowadays.. It didn't used to be this way.. Life used to be happy and amazing. I used to enjoy and love each and everyday. Now I just hated it. After a few minutes of crying I got up and made my way to the bathroom and began slowly taking off my clothes taking my time and thinking. I looked up and caught a glance at my body in the mirror and stopped for a second analyzing every inch of my body. I was skinny enough in fact I was actually underweight pretty badly and was always getting told "you need to eat more!". I was also pale.. Like a sick nasty pale.. Guess i can think dad for that.. Why oh why couldn't I have gotten my mothers beautiful tan skin?! It really wasn't fair. As my eyes trailed up to my face I almost started crying again why couldn't i be one of the beautiful girls?! To go along with my pale skin I had acne.. Nasty ugly pimples covered a big portion of my face and to top things off my hair is a yellow/gold blonde.. Now don't get me wrong i love my hair it's really long and super straight.. But it does not! go with my pale skin at all! After a bit I gave it up and jumped into the shower letting the hot water mix with the tears falling from my face as all the heartbreaking thoughts of my current life ran through my head. After I was done I got out, dried off and put on my favorite pink yoga pants and an old Aeropostale t-shirt. Walking back over to my bed I picked up my diary and sat down and began to write "dear diary, another typical day in the life of Vanessa Hughes.. Which of course means it was boring as heck! Highlight of my day was when Logan called to see how things were goin. I really enjoyed getting to talk to him.. He's a sweet boy. But anyway while I was walking home and talking to him kris and hunter were out riding their dirtbikes and of course being the assholes they are had to keep driving past me and giving me go to hell looks I swear it was all I could do not to stop and cuss them out but I didn't I held my head high and ignored them.. Momma would be proud. But anyway I gtg time for supper. And lots of questions.. Oh joy!! Sigh.. Anyway adios." After placing my diary back under the mattress I went downstairs to find mom placing dinner on the table and dad talking on the phone as usual I swear that's all he ever does.. Mom smiles at me and asks me to grab the plates and put them on the table.. After we got seated and begin eating mom opens her mouth "so how was ur day?" "It was fine" I reply "hmm so nothing happened to upset u?" "No mom life's good" i say as I do my best to fake a smile "ok sweetie" she replies and the rest of the meal carries on with dad complaining about his job (or something like that). After dinner I go back to my room, shutting the door I check my phone.. No msgs.. Nothing unusual there I thought to myself as I grab my headphones and lay down and begin going through my music trying to find something fitting to my mood.. After a little while of looking i finally settle on mirrors by justin timberlake.. Even though it only breaks my heart a little more each time I listen to it.. I slowly close my eyes and allow myself to drift off to sleep.

I awoke to a loud bark from my dog and my mother yelling for him to shut up.. Sitting up and blinking fast trying to clear my eyes as I picked up my phone to check the time "6:45" "shit!" I muttered to myself.. Why the heck hadn't mom woken me up yet?! Jumping up I raced into the bathroom and begin splashing cold water onto my face in attempt to wake myself up.. After drying off I brushed my hair out and pulled it into a high messy bun then put on some foundation, mascara and lipgloss. Running over to my closet I pulled out my favorite black and white striped mini skirt and a fitted black shirt. Yanking on my silver wedges I grabbed my bag and ran downstairs to find mom on the phone while trying to eat cereal.. I walked over to the fridge, poured me a glass of milk then kissed mom on the cheek and said "bye" as I ran out the door. I was greeted by a blast of hot, humid air even though it was only may "damn it!" I swore to myself.. You just gotta love Arkansas weather! When I reached school and begin to make my way to my locker I was greeted by my best friend ash "heyy gorgeous!" She greeted me pulling me into a big hug, I hugged her back and smiled sayn "good morning ashie!" "Ready to face the day?" She asked "hell no!" Was my reply "well you better get ready cause here comes trouble" I looked up to see Marie and her little clan of fellow bitches making there way down the hallway.. I rolled my eyes and grabbed ash's arm and pulled her into the girls bathroom.. We waited for awhile before exiting and making our way to class.. Walking into the lunch room i quickly spotted ash and went over and sat next to her.. Glancing up she smiled and asked "u ok?" "I'm surviving" was my reply. Putting her arm around me she says "good girl" I just smiled and begin eating my lunch. As soon as the final bell rang I bolted out the door in a hurry to put this place and these people behind me.. As I ran down the steps i felt a someone shove me from behind, whirling around ready to punch someone I came face to face with kris "sup loser?" He said with a sneer "talking to urself again?" I asked as he smirked and walked off.. Looking in the direction he was headed I spotted hunter I rolled my eyes as a million nasty thoughts ran through my brain about how i would love to make hunter die a long and painful death. I hated that boy with a passion and had a right to. After what he did to me.. If it wasn't for him me and kris would probably still be friends.. Maybe even still dating. I wasn't sure I actually wanted to still date him but I really missed his friendship.. He was an absolute blast to hang around there wasn't ever a dull moment.. But then hunter had to come along and just because i wasn't as madly in love with him as he was me he decided to take away the person I did love.. Kris.. By budding up with him and filling his head with lies he slowly turned him against me.. Now kris is basically a hunter clone. It's absolutely sickening.

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