Chapter 15

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King Amora's heart lifted further and further as Lucille opened up to him. He watched her bloom like a blossom in the spring. She started smiling. She looked to actually be listening to those around her. Nothing changed when they went to Church, but he was praying for her and knew it was only a matter of time. She didn't look perpetually sad, and she talked to him. She let him in, and he built her up. He poured out all the love he could on her and tried to explain Jesus to her. She listened but hadn't seemed to be very receptive, yet.

He watched Dirg, too. The prince worked hard in the kitchen and earned a manager title. King Amora noticed that the food took a jump up in quality when he did. He attended Church often, though after a little talking to he and Benaiah started attending a different service. Amora didn't want Lucy distracted by his presence. He hadn't heard of any problems around Dirg, and the few times they actually came face to face the king noticed a marked difference in his demeanor.

He prayed frequently for the two of them, and he prayed that God would help them separate. He didn't want them together because Dirg had hurt her too much. He prayed that God would open the two of them to that idea and let it come about with little fuss or drama. However, before he could try to separate them, he knew he had to smash them back together. They had to be friends, and they had to understand one another. It was necessary because he realized that Lucy may have let him in the door to her heart, but Dirg fought and earned the possession of the key.

Lucy didn't let Amora in until Dirg showed up and said he didn't want her to die. He was following King Amora, so Lucy was accepting her father. The more she opened up, the more he realized how connected she was to Dirg. She had spent two months listening to his voice inside her head instead of those around her. If Amora let her and Dirg come together, hopefully she would follow Dirg's decision to follow Christ, and prayerfully she would become more herself. Dirg held the pieces of her heart, for he was the one that broke it.

Dirg had to fix it, but Lucy's father would tell him how. He didn't trust the dark prince.


Simon was not thrilled that I advanced to manager so quickly; in fact, his little attacks became more frequent and less little. He saw me gathering the others in the dinner shift and getting ready to pray over our time. His features immediately darkened, and he walked straight up to me and tried to punch me in the jaw. Of course I ducked it, but I couldn't avoid the verbal assault he threw at me right after.

"What right do you think you have to just enter our land with your dark trash wings and make a mockery of our Lord by pretending to serve him! How dare you even stand here, in our sanctuary from your kind! You were at least a little tolerable when you were just an insignificant little human with a bit of dark blood, but a pureline dark prince has no right to bask in our light! You are a pathetic, wimpy, coward with not a hint of honor to his name, and you need to leave before you corrupt all of us good lights! Your black wings are a disgrace to the title skyrunner! Your kind should be extinguished, and you need to be the first, arrogant idiot that you are!"

I crossed my arms and glared at him, but I knew not to retaliate. Still, my blood boiled.

The rest of the kitchen gathered around us, but no one intervened or protested. Some looked down nervously; I took it that they were thinking along the same lines. He ended with a verbal kick to my gut.

"We don't want your dark trash around here creating more of those idiotic half-breeds! Begone from this land, demon!"

He ended, his fists clenched white at his sides and his face red with fury. My eyes narrowed and I blocked out everything else. He insulted Lucy, what was I supposed to do? The only warning he got was the little bright lights that came as my anger built, and by the time he registered that I was at least half a foot taller than him it was too late.

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