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His hand automatically wrapped around my waist, "Relax babe,"

And that was when I heard the voice of the man that hunted my dreams.


Chapter- Four

It felt like my heart stopped beating.

No no no! It cannot be him.

I immediately pushed him away from me and stared at him. I hope he couldn't see how scared I really was.

But my trembling was a total give away.

I looked around hoping to see something that will help me to escape this situation.

But nothing was near.

Damn it! How did you come to this place of this city, Chanel?

The whole place was deserted.

How do I know? The buildings were old. It looked like at any moment it could collapse and the broken windows gave me the hint too.

My mind was running wild. It was thinking what to do.

Scream you idiot! Someone may hear you.

And I did.

I screamed like I had never screamed before. I screamed in fear.

For a moment, his expression turned into shock, before he put his hands in my mouth and prevented me from screaming further.

I struggled in his grip and tried to remove his grip. Well, I tried.

Seeing my struggle, he placed his free hand on my waist and prevented me from moving any further.

"Let me go," I said but it came out more like 'Lat mehh gou'.

"If you scream again, your head will be in the ground and I'll be kicking it as a football," he hissed. His eyes were narrowed at me and his tall frame was towering me.

My eyes widened and I nodded my head almost immediately.

I knew he could kill me in an instance after all he killed that woman too.

I was scared of him, but I tried to keep a façade.

When he loosened his grip on me, an idea came to me that could either save me or bring me to the devil's home-- in simple words, hell.

I kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.

"Fuçk," He growled out and fell to the ground clutching the place where I hit him.

I took this as my cue to run. I ran past him and then did a mistake of turning around to see him following me.

As on impulse, I entered an alley and mentally face palmed myself when I saw it was an dead end.

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