Chapter 3

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After I cooled down , I walked back into the room to find him gone . My heart stopped beating at that moment. No . No , this . . This wasn't happening . I felt the cool breeze of the open window hit me .

At least he was out of the house . But . . I needed to leave . Just pack up , and never look back . It wasn't like I had anybody I wanted to stay for . I would just have to sacrifice the last week of school , and the graduation party .

I began packing immediately , grabbing everything that I found 'sentimental.' I would need to send for the furniture later , the only thing that was at my parents was a bed and a television . I dreaded living in that house . . But facing a vengeful serial killer seemed like a much bigger issue than simple paranoia .

My parents house was about a city away from where I was currently at , so it would take about a day to get there .

After about two hours , I reached the Ferrie's entrance . It was about 5 A.M. , which meant that I would get a discount for arriving so early . Score .

The boat was very boring . I decided that although it'd be cold , that I'd go onto the deck . When I opened the door , the icy air slapped me in the face , whipping my hair around . But I had to admit , it was a beautiful sight .

''Hey there .'' I turned to see a boy about a year or two older than me walking towards me .

I smiled . ''Hi .''

He leaned on the railing next to me , and gazed at the sea .

''Where you headed ?'' He asked curiously .

The man's blue green eyes gazed at me , while his blonde hair flowed .

''Uhh . . Seattle .'' I replied . ''Ahh . Wonderful city , just rains a lot .'' I laughed . ''Yeah , it does . What about you ?'' The man looked back at the sea . ''Same , actually . Just visiting , though . What's your name ?'' A flirtatious tone suddenly entered his voice .

''Lucy.'' I lied .

''Beautiful name . Can I get your number ?''

I bit my lip , but decided I'd give him a fake one .

''Sure.'' After I gave him my fake digits , I walked back inside , and fell asleep .


I was standing in front of the huge house .

My nerves were shot , and screaming at me to not go in .

Going against my will , I walked to the front door , and turned the key .

The house smelt and looked just how I remembered it - Like my Mom's perfume , and clean .Of course there was some sweeping to be done , but other wise it was clean. Shadows loomed everywhere , and anxiety was starting to build up . Taking deep breaths , I started flicking on lights , and searching the house . I considerably calmed down when I realized there wasn't anyone here , except for me .

As I walked up the stairs , the sound of a television sounded . My body froze . My mind was screaming because there was no reasonable explanation . 'Run . Run . Run .' my gut repeated .

But where would I go ? I had spent a lot of my own money on getting here , and the bank of my parents will was closed at this time of day .

I continued up and saw that the door was wide open . Stepping in , I saw him . His bandages were soaked with blood and sweat .

When he spotted me , he growled .

''H-Hey . . I think you should take it easy -" I said .

''Shut. Up.'' He seethed as he walked towards me .

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