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My Life at Hogwarts

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*Beep Beep *

Ugh, my first day at Hogwarts. If moving to England didn't ruin my life, this definitely will. You can't guess what was running through my mind when I found out that I was a witch & was going to a school that was called 'Hogwarts'. It sounded like a booger.

'Oh no johny boy just picked a hogwarts! '



As I got out of bed I looked at my full length mirror. I had big blue eyes, perfect body with the curves in the right places, and long flawless legs. Everybody said I was beautiful with my past my shoulder black hair and side bangs but I always seem to find something wrong with me.

I took a shower put on some skinny jeans , my black and white converse and a black crop top, put on some black nail, put on xtra eyeliner & ran down stairs.

"Took you long enough" grunted my mom as I walk passed her into the kitchen.

"Oh my god, where Micky? She's gone, where is she? You didn't cook her, did you? Where is she" I exploded. Micky was my pure white owl and I had her for a couple months but had gotten pretty attached since then.

"It's send to your room in Hogwarts already and so is all your other stuff so chill."

" It? No, its name is Micky. And who said that they could touch my stuff?"

"I did honey and you really should get use to it since your gonna be the richest pers.. Or witch at Hogwarts . Yeah, yeah I know we all kept it a secret. Don't worry. Now we shall take you to the train. Let's go. I'm ready."


So what do you think. Should I continue . Send me a message. Thanks for reading.


My grammar and style has changed so much since this. I wrote this when I was about 13-14 and god, I don't understand why anybody would read through the horrible grammar. But, I still have a passion for writing so hopefully it sticks this time.

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