Lycan (Pt. II)

            “What do you mean that was Dr. Grales?” Cid asked as he started towards the suit room to remove the suit.

            “I crossed Dr. Grales’ DNA with the monster sample that you found.  I then crossed it with DNA samples acquired while you two were fighting,” King stated.

            “How’d you do that?” Cid asked as he removed his uniform, his pace slowing when he got the shoulder that got tagged.

            “I made a computer program.  And if you’re wondering how I got the DNA from Grales, I had a human sample in the system and a monster sample from the suit.  You’d be surprised what is exchanged with a few scratches,” King explained.

            “Right, so what caused bony Dr. Grales to become that thing?  And please don’t tell me it was an overdose of gamma radiation,” Cid stated.

            “It was the bite from the monster that attacked NoirTech.  It has venomous properties, and the venomous forces the victim to become similar to the creature.  I suspected something like this would happen when Grales seemed to come back from the dead and then violently trashed our medical wing.  Witnesses said they saw a giant wolf, so I had to be sure,” King explained.

            “So you sent me to get a sample from the original so you’d have a cross reference?” Cid asked.


            “So why didn’t you just tell me from the start?” Cid asked.

            “I like to keep these things close to the chest.  To the rest of the world, Dr. Grales was dead,” King explained.

            “I supposed that makes sense,” Cid stated.

            “I’m gonna continue researching this to see if I can find some kind of weakness.  Get some rest.  We start the search for him tomorrow,” King explained.

            Cid nodded and began to leave.

            “Cid…” King stated as Cid had reached the door.


            “If you fight Dr. Grales again, will you be able to do what’s necessary, considering the information you now know?”

            Cid felt his heart sink as the gravity of the words settled in.  “I’m not sure,” he stately quietly as he left the lab.

            King let out a small sigh.  “I never should have told him anything,” he muttered.

            “Where am I?” Dr. Grales asked as Dr. Wagner led him through some sort of lab.

            “This is home for me, and now you.  This is where we will cure your condition,” Dr. Wagner stated.  “But first… some exposition,” he continued.

            “Exposition?” Dr. Grales asked.

            “I am the one who created you.  It was an accident, of course, but I created you nonetheless,” Dr. Wagner explained.

            “What do you mean?” Dr. Grales asked.

            “I created the monster that attacked NoirTech and bit you.  His name was Fenrir, and he was a vessel that I created for transmitting and transmuting DNA,” Dr. Wagner explained.

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