Hello Fascination (BxB) ch2

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Caleb's POV :D

When Patrick pulled into the school parking lot, I burst out of the passanger's side and shouted a quick goodbye. I found Chelsea waiting by my locker with her head down. Awhh, the poor doll.

You see, me and Chels go waaaay back. Best friends for as long as I can remember. When I told her I was gay in 6th grade, she totally freaked. She's in love with the fact that two guys can be in love with each other. She even wanted to throw me a Gay Pride party (which I refused....). By 8th grade, she started to act a little differently. Chelsea has severe depression which she takes antidepressants for. In between 9th and 10th grade, she tried to kill herself (multiple times) and things have never been the same since. Afterwards, she had always been withdrawn and quiet, but things were starting to look up when she met Jack. He's the first boyfriend Chelsea's had who hadn't been freaked out by her depression and suicidal thoughts. Only one year older, Jack seemed perfect for Chels. He said he loved her, made her happy, took her virginity, then screwed her sister and broke up with her right after.

Chels is numb now. At least, that's how she gets when she takes her meds. Her doctor upped the dosage and now its like she doesn't want anything to do with anyone else. She only talks to me now, if that, and she's always off in her own little world. I don't blame her either; Chelsea's sister is now dating the asshole Jack and they make fun of her and spit insults every chance they get. Chels told me a while ago she was still having suicidal thoughts, but her pills subdued her. So you see, I'm very protective of her and its my job to look out for her. What are best friends for?

All day I make sure she gets to her classes, pulling her out of her desk and leading her to our next destination. When lunch comes around, I'm beat. Hey, it's a lot of work! Not that I resent her or anything, oh god no. I just have a serious lack of sleep right now.

I lead Chelsea to our lunch table and am about to lay my head down on my arms to take a nap when I notice a new kid sitting by our friend Zach. Oh yummy. He's so scrumptious looking! He's hot, yet cute, unlike the sex-god that I saw from my window yesterday. Now HE was just oozing lust *shudders* I'm glad he's not sitting here, I would've been physically drooling. Which might be a little confusing, considering Chelsea's the only one who knows I'd pick some dude's disco-stick over a scary vah-jay-jay. YES, they ARE scary. Ishy, too.

"Hey, I'm Connor," the new kid says.

I give him a small wave and say, "Caleb. And this lovely lady is Chelsea," I always try to set Chels up with cuties now hehe. But Chelsea doesn't even hear me. She's too busy staring blankly at the table in front of us. Huh, I wonder if she's eaten today. Oh yeah, she'd never really 'hungry' anymore heh... so I always make sure she eats when she looks even paler than usual.

I'm just about to conspicuously ask her if she ate yet when I feel eyes on the back of my head. I slowly turn my head to see what's making me feel so on edge. I'm either rewarded or punished (not quite sure yet) with a pair of blazing green eyes staring intently into mine. Oh for the love of Mother Teresa. Noooot good.

He stands. Holy cupcakes in a toaster. He struts straight to me. Son of a squirrel . Almost here. Oh dear oh dear oh dear. I jump up into Chelsea's lap and hide my face into her neck. Her poofy hair tickles my face, but I'm too scared to giggle. She seems surprised, but (of course) doesn't say anything.

I hear footsteps stop right next to me and I try to look as straight as possible, sitting on a gorgeous girl's lap. I guess the fact that I'm technically 'cuddling' doesn't really help, but it's the best I've got.

"Hey Connor," His voice is velvet to my ears. "Who's you're little friend here?" I can tell he's still burning the back of my blond head with those vicious eyes. Yes. They're vicious. Like lions. Rawr. No, more like snakes. Ssss-ss-sss

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