Jungkook X y/n

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"Oppa ah~ good boy."

"Y/n can we do something else? I'm tired of seeing all these equations. My mind is like boom boom!"

"Like what? Its raining out and its cold. Its better to do this first then party."

Jungkook pouts at me trying to stop me from studying. I placed my index finger to his face and shakes it.

"No no. I don't wanna do it too but its going to end soon so let's do it all the way then we'll watch movie."

"Y/n pwease. I pwomise to do anything you want later okie?"


He frowns and with the pouting face makes me burst into laughter. "Oppa kemanhae!"

"Not until you say yes." He bats his eyes prettily.

"Aigoo yeapo yeapo!"

"I know right!" He tries to flips his hair but flips his own fringe instead.

"Arraseo arraseo let's watch a movie then go back to studying."

"I'll go get the blankets and pillow." He stood up about to walk off.

"Ani, let's just watch in your room."
I grabbed his hand to pull me up.
"You find movies, I'll go make something nice and warm."

"Add a little of sweetness and a lot of your love!"

He was about to walk up but then he turned back and said, "Can't I just stay with you and watch?"

"You miss me already?"

"Yeah, I can't let time pass without y/n. Its no fun."

"Aish there you go again." Jungkook hugged me from the back.

"Ah oppa! I can't do anything if you do this to me."

"I'm not letting you go. Andwae~"

"Then what will we do about food?"

"Kissing you is my food."

"Real food oppa. We can't watch movie kissing all the way."

"Just do the stuff. I'll watch you."

"Okay then please let me go oppa."

"Y/n do you know what I heard? Please don't let me go oppa so I'm not I'm staying here."

"Sigh.. Im going to have a hard time with you oppa."

"Hard? I think I'm having fun and I think your brain is too."

"Aish, you naughty naughty boy."

"Yes im a bad boy so I like bad girls."

I stayed quiet and smiled. Oppa always put the lyrics of his song on his lines.

"Waeyo? Aren't you gonna continue the song?"

"What happens if I don't?"

"Then I won't let go of you."

"Hello, hello tell me what you want right now~"

"I want you!" He hugs me a little more tighter.

I cringe at his cheesiness. I'm still not used to him saying all that.

"You're a bad boy oppa."

"You're my bad girl, y/n. Ani I shouldn't say like that. Y/n ah, why do you keep shaking up my heart? Every time I look at you, I'm so absorbed in you. Your eyes look like a sea of stars and I've gotten lost in it. Many girls make me cough up blood, but you, you make me laugh with love. I feel loved and I'm gonna say I love you."

I was speechless and couldn't say a word for a moment as my throat choked up then my tears started falling.

"Yah, you're crying? Hajima ~"

"Ani.. Sniff.. Just that dust went in my eyes."

He turned me so that I'm facing him then placed his fingers on my face and wiped my tears away.

"Jinja? But then you're tears are endless."

"Actually, I'm crying because..."

He pulled me back into a hug and then said, "y/n cry first then tell me arrachi?"

"I'm sorry, I was just too... Touched that you said all of that. I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologising?"

"Because I can't say something so sweet to you like that....."

"Y/n look at me." I looked up in his eyes. "Just cause you can't say those stuff, doesn't mean you have to apologise as long as you're with me, smiling and laughing and telling your feelings then everything else is answered. Don't worry so much."

"That's what I love about you."

He smiled and said, "y/n stop crying give me a smile say eeee."


"A wider one. Say 'EEE!' "


"Yah, like this. 'EEE!'"


"Now that's the y/n I know. Come lets go watch movies!"

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