Chapter 1

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A/N Note that some parts of the original storyline are going to be altered for my fanfic, such as, Coulson doesn't die and Clint never gets mind controlled.

Disclaimer: Nothing except for Lila and the slightly altered storyline are mine, Marvel owns everything else.



Life was a feeble thing. So easily snuffed out of existence and yet so mind breaking, so shattering to those around.

No, life was precious. Each individual of importance, of value. Some believe this, others do not. Some unfortunate souls are driven so mad with the pain of living, that they end it themselves.

Hey, I said life was precious, not easy!


"BE HEARD, BE STRONG, BE PROUD, I WANNA MAKE SOME NOISE, COME ON, GET UP, BE LOUD, WERE'RE GONNA RAISE OUR VOICE-" Lila slammed a hand down on the alarm, nearly crushing in the process. She was SO not a morning person. Well, time for work, she thought happily. Lila worked at a second hand bookstore and she simply loves to read. It's not the most glamorous or well paid job, but she gets by.


Lila looked up from her tattered old version of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. Customers were rare in old shops like these so it was her job to make them feel welcome and help them with locating certain books. "Hello, how may I assist you?" Lila asked in a friendly tone.

In the door way stood a man of average height, light brown hair that was thinning on top, wearing an expensive looking suit. Her first thought was how similar he looked to a spy from one of those cool secret agent movies. "My name is Phil Coulson. I am looking for Madeline Nereyus, does she work here?" Lila's skin prickled and her guard came up. He was looking for her. Well, the fake name she invented for herself.

"No, sorry. She did, but she got offered a better job in Boston. She left two weeks ago. If I may ask, why do you need her?" Lila was practised at lying and her voice never wavered once. "Oh, I'm her account manager. Large sums of money have recently been drawn from her account and I was sent to inform her of this at the last known work place as I could not get a hold of her over the phone. We think that someone has hacked into her account." It would almost sound plausible if she wasn't said person and knew very well that she had no bank account. Plus, she can always tell when people are lying. So who was this man and why was he looking for her?

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. If you do get a hold of her, tell her Carrie says hi." Another alias, made up on the spot. "Alright then, thank for your help." The strange man turned and left without another word. She heard a car door slam and tuned her advanced hearing in on him. "She's not there, our source was wrong. She moved to Boston two weeks ago. How are we going to get her now?" He sounded frustrated.

Another voice responded, female this time. " Don't worry Coulson, we'll find her. She won't get away again. We'll have agents sent to Boston immediately." The woman's voice was cold and emotionless. It even scared her."Thanks Hill." That was all she needed to hear. Lila already had it planned out. She would be high in the Canadian Rockies before these people could blink, and she was leaving tonight.

~Time skip~

Lila clipped the pendant daintily around her neck. It was a golden heart with a bright, flaming fire ruby and two little diamonds. On the back was beautifully engraved cursive writing.It said, ¨My shining light¨. It was the one thing that she always made sure she had with her when she moved on from a place.

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