Part 32

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There was gonna be a live show in a week, and the try guys thought  'Hey lets make it memorable and strip' to be honest it was a weird conversation to have with your soon to be husband and his work mates. 

"And then the week after the live show we have to do another shoot" Eugene said. They were sitting in our living room writing down a time line. So far they had written down the live show, the practice for it and a thing were they had to go out into the woods and try survive. 

They started practicing stripping on Monday I still found it kinda odd I had to help with the video, like it's my job and all but I still had to watch my fiance and his friends strip. I finally knew how Ariel felt.

"We want you to teach us a group routine" I watched from behind the camera.

"Okay, How long do you have to learn it"

"A week"

"Oh okay. We should start now" I watched as my co-workers  got down to their underwear. It was around Eugene's turn when my phone started to ring (Which seems to be Happening a lot lately) I looked down and that was when fear filled my body. It was my big modeling boss, the person just under the total boss of everyone I worked for. 

  "Hello" I answered leaving the room.

"Hello Y/N" She said authoritatively "A lot of people want you to model for them, I don't know why but they do. Tomorrow you will be meeting with a male model and be doing an Ad for some pajama maker I didn't take time to learn their name. Tui will call you with details later"

"Okay" I nodded although she couldn't see me, still scared.

"And Y/N" She paused for suspense factor "Don't be late, Although I don't care about them I hear that they are high profile"

"Okay thanks" I smiled before realizing that she had hung up before she even had the chance to hear me speak. Rude.

"Who was that" Eugene came out of the room behind me

"Just Yuka" I frowned. (YES I TOOK THAT FROM A BOOK I'M SORRY)

"Oh yeah" 

"I'm going to miss you practicing tomorrow"

"I'll just have to preform a lap dance on someone else" He teased.

"Shut up. What's your stripper name?"


"Very punny"

"Why thank you kind lady"

Heeyyy, Sorry this took me so long school has been hectic and I've had writers block but on the upside Phil Is Not On Fire 7 comes out tomorrow so we have something to look forward to. I'll try update soon. Love you xx

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