Chapter 6

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Stealing Hearts 6/9/13

Chapter 6

Allison's POV

Maybe I have just gone insane for the day. I honestly think I might've smoked something without realizing it. I mean maybe I might've hit my head harder than I thought when I saw the boys. It's not like everyday I am running from- okay rethinking that sentence just a little. It's not everyday I am being chased by One Direction whose being chased by their fans through a children's park. I grab a pudding cup cause they are freakin amazing. I pop the chocolate lid off immanently digging into heaven.

"You okay there Gray? You look at little out of it. Are you sure your head isn't hurt? You hit it pretty hard, it's not any trouble to go to the hospital-"

"NO!" I cut Liam off as soon as he said the word hospital. Most of the nursed there all know me and would take me up to see my sister who would freak that One Direction knows me and is in her room. Then she would go into mother bear mode wondering why they have brought me to the hospital with a head injury in the first place. And when she gets all protective someone it gonna get kick in there balls painfully.

"GRAY!" The boys scream at me. I glare at them before returning to my pudding cup getting spoonfuls madly. I think most of the boys have given up by now with my daydream mode.

"Anyways. I honestly don't know much about y'all. Care to elaborate?" I ask them. Liam nods and begins.

"Liam James Payne. Daddy Direction. 20 years old. Birthday is August 29th and I really don't like spoons." I give him the most baffled look before bursting out laughing.

"More like scared to death of them!" Louis chimes in laughing equally as hard. I wipe the tears that have come from my eye and wave my hand for the next person to continue on.


"It's actually Harold." Louis cuts him off with a matter of fact tone. Harry huffs before continuing.

"Harold Edward Styles. The flirt. 19 years old. February 1st and I like cats."

"Pussy's more like it." Louis mutters.

"Boobear!" Harry shouts at him making me laugh at the silly nickname.

"What! My mummy gave that nickname to me." He states matter of fact. I look at him before busting out into a set of giggles.

"Well anyways peasant. Louis The Tommo Tomlinson-"

"William." Everyone shouts at Louis who is getting a taste of his own medicine. He glares at the boys before a small smile uplifts form the corner of his mouth.

"I am the Sass Masta from Doncasta! 21 years old. December 24th, also known as Christmas Eve, is my birthday. OH OH OH I like carrots." He smiles in my direction. I offer a soft small, which seemed to satisfy him.

"Zayn Javaad Malik. The Bradford bad boy. I am 20. My birthday is January 12th." He tells me with a clear sign of not giving an actual fuck kinda face. I smile respecting his attitude choose.

"I'm Niall James Horan. Adorable." He pauses as if sensing that Louis is going to cut him off like he did with the others.

Louis shrugs. "He's guilty as charged."

"I'm am also 20, September 13th. And I really like food." He flashes me a cheeky grin reminding me of a baby penguin.

"So what about you Gray?" Liam asks curiously. I freeze before turning ever so slowly facing him with a stone hard face. I crush my pudding cup completely dropping into the trashcan. I walk up to him with no emotion what so ever. I stand in front of his face making sure he hears every single word I'm about to say.

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