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Hey greenie! This is my tmr imagine/preferences book. I hope you guys like it and I will try my best to make them enjoyable. I have a book called 'please love me' which is a Newt fanfic it would be nice if you could check it out. Thanks

Anyway what I'm going to publish this and wait a week. I'd I don't have any requests in that time then I'll write some of my own. If I get one earlier which I probably won't but I'll update it beforehand. You can either comment or pm me :)

This is my request sheet or whatever you guys want to call it.


What boy: Has to be either Newt/ Minho/Thomas

Theme: eg. Sad, happy etc.

What you want to happen (details):

What you look like:

So that's the plan. I'll update in a week or maybe earlier. Hope to see some requests :)


TMR imagines/preferences Donde viven las historias. Descúbrelo ahora