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3/13/17- the first few dozen chapters are cringe-worthy, I know. Pleaseeeeee bear with it, or skip around. They improve, but they still suck lmao. This book has been a huge part of my life, and you reading this fills me with so much happiness and gratitude. Thank you for reading this btw, lmao this book sucks and I'm surprised you found it. Enjoy:)

4/25/17 i deleted most of the orig chapters bc they were terrible n i hope u don't mind lmao

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Thank you.

so this book is dolan twin imagines and preferences
and if you have any requests comment them!
if you want a personal one, inbox me with info like:
your name, age, height, eye color, hair color, twin, what you want the imagine to be about, anything else.
luv ya and my first chapter is going to be a short imagine..
k see you soon ♡

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