Chapter 5: Relationship Goals

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I was panicking. 

Apparently, I just got a notice that if I don't pass my precalculus class, I won't graduate. If I know anything about this school, I know that they don't just tell the students. I have to intercept that call home later or I'm screwed.

I have a test tomorrow and I already know that I'm going to fail. I was considering just not even showing up tomorrow but I didn't know that I wouldn't graduate if I don't pass the class. Its just one class!

I was sweating.

My future depends on this.

"You got that pink slip too?" Blake came by, laughing loudly as he basically told people that I was failing a class. I'm not terribly failing, I'm border line.

"You're not that smart." I said bitterly because he's no better. I'm failing one class at the moment, I remember when he was sweating through three last year.

"I'm not failing any classes though." he added quickly, smiling slyly at me since he was proud of his comeback. "Don't feel bad, just ask Akaashi to tutor you or something." he said and opened up his locker.

Its a good idea, then again, I get distracted easily. Very easily.

"I'm sure he's busy." I said and sighed, ripping up the pink slip in my hands.

Plus its too late. I would need a perfect score on that test to give me a passing grade in the class and the probability of that happening is zero. There's no way in hell that I have the mentality for that.

"You two are always together anyway." he said right when Akaashi came next to me. He shut his locker after grabbing his book but it took him a moment to realize Akaashi was next to me. We are always together, everyone in school knows that. I was smiling as Blake glanced up to me; he was right on cue. "By the way," he said to Akaashi. "Cheryl wanted to tell you to suck it because she got into Brown University." he said.

"I thought that school was her backup plan," he said. "At least, its my back up plan. I mean, I thought she was better than that." Akaashi cocked his head to the side and smiled. Blake looked over to me in just a bit of shock because Akaashi would never miss an opportunity to show Cheryl up. Ever.

"Oh my god, she's going to scream." Blake was going to tattle and probably start a fight.

I'm not even shocked.

He blended into the crowd that was jumbled. Akaashi moved in front of me and leaned against the lockers as he took my hand.

"So I'm probably not going to graduate." I told him.

"Is it that math class again?" he asked. I usually complain to him about the useless stuff. He doesn't have to worry about failing a test because that's pretty much impossible for him.

"I was passing for about a week, and then I took that one quiz and did terrible." I sighed. "I have a test tomorrow and I'm not ready for it."

"I can help you." he smiled up at me.

"Its tomorrow." I said slowly.

"Come on, Landon. If I can give you a chance, you have to give me one. I know how to help you." he said as the bell rang. He reached up and kissed my cheek before he let go of my hand.

I wasn't going to get my hopes up. Akaashi may be one of the smartest people at this school but I'm not. There is no hope for me in math. I'm trying to understand how I could do well in all these other classes except math. I got an A in physics for christ's sake. What is this torture?

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