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*Hi my lovely readers!! I hope you had a great Christmas & New Years! Sorry it's taken so long!!😭😭 Happy Valentines day!!💕💕


(Dustin pov)

It's Christmas time once again. It fell like thanksgiving just ended and now Christmas is 2 weeks away.

Today Abby and I are going with Louis, Brooke and her little sister Carly to go see Santa Claus which she is really excited about.

"Abby! Come on we got to meet Uncle Louis, Brooke and Carly at the mall" I heard a bark come from Macy and a muffled sound, I raced to abbys room and saw her trying to put on another outfit this is the 5th one.

"Abby what are you doing?" she finally got the dress over her head and looked at me with wide blue eyes "I'm twying to look pretty for Santa daddy" I smiled and looked at what she is wearing now.

She has a yellow shirt, blue Jean dress with straps that go over her shoulders and green rain boots She looked really cute.

"You look beautiful baby, now come,on lets go. Can't keep Santa waiting!" She nodded and lifted her arms up so I could pick her up.

I locked up the house, we got to the car and buckled Abby in her carseat and got in myself, turned on the radio to Christmas music. Abby hummed all the way to the mall not even knowing the songs.

We got to the mall and it's packed. After 30 minutes of riding around I found a spot. I got Abby out and we went inside to find Louis and brooke,

(1 hour later)

We finally found them and were standing in line to see Santa, "what are you gonna ask Santa for Abby?" Louis asked she shock her head "um...maybe a dolly bed for dolly" he smiled "that sounds cool" then he asked Carly "what are you gonna ask for?" Carly is 10 and doesn't talk much unless she has too.

She just shrugged and said quietly "I want an iPad, clothes and boots" Brooke looked down at her sister giggling "wow we want the same stuff!"

Carly giggled and soon it was her turn and she told Santa what she wanted. Now it's Abbys turn.

"Hello cutie what's your name?" Santa said to Abby "my name is Abby!" "what a pretty name, so Abby what would you like for Christmas?"

Her answer shocked me "a bed for my dolly and I really want a Mommy" my mouth hit the floor I looked her then Louis and brooke and they were the same way. "Well sweetie I'll see what I can do okay" Abby nodded and came back over to me.

We all decided to look around and I was trying to have fun but Abby really wants a Mommy this time? She hasn't said anything about a Mommy since her sleepover.

Wow..all I can say is I wish Santa and me luck with that one.

(Day before Christmas eve)

Moms keeping Abby for me so I can Christmas shop and wrap presents for Abby. We put the tree up a week ago, it's white with purple, pink, blue and green ornimemts, Its a good mix of Abby and me.

I'm at the mall and it feels like black Friday all over again with how crazy it is.

I'm gong to let Abby open one present tomorrow and the rest Christmas. I found a doll bed for her dolly, some clothes, movies and a Lot of toys. Santa is giving my little girl a great Christmas.

(Christmas Day)
(Abby pov)

I woke up my Ariel clock says 4.57 um...I can't tell time so I don't know what that means. I got off my bed and grabbed dolly and headed to daddy's room.

I pushed his door open and daddy was still sleeping. I climbed up on the bed and poked daddy's shoulder "daddy!" I whispered/yelled "daddy!"

He finally turned to me and blinked at me "hi baby what time is it?" "I don't know but your clock says 5.05" daddy flipped to his back and rubbed his face with his hands.

"What in the world are you doing up so earily?" I yawned "don't know" he pulled me to his side as he turned to face me "go back to sleep baby"

I snuggled into his chest and fell asleep.

(Christmas Morning)

When I woke back up I was still snuggled up to daddy. I got out of the bed without waking Daddy up.

I slowly went down the stairs to the living room to see what Santa brought. I got to the living room and saw all my gifts.

"Holly cow! Tank you Santa!" I saw my dollys new bed, a doll house and the rest was wrapped so I'm gonna wait on daddy.

(30 minutes later)

Daddy finally got up after forever! "Daddy! Santa came Santa came!" He smiled and kissed my cheek "I see that baby, why don't we eat and then you can open you gifts" I nodded and we went to the kitchen and daddy my pancakes and bacon.

(Dustin pov)
After breakfast Abby torn open all her gifts. My mom's gonna come later and bring her a few more gifts.

List of Abby Christmas gifts from "Santa"

2 Doll beds
Doll house
Princess movies
Barbie dolls
Princess dolls
Prince dolls
Tea set
And another baby doll

I think she is set for a while, I'm making Christmas dinner at least it's only the three of us so I don't have to make so much.

(few hours later)

Moms here and she brought Abby a play kitchen, play pots and pans, a princess table that has a couple chairs with it and some more clothes.

(Abbys pov) (sorry for changing pov so much)

Its bedtime now and nana left a long time ago, daddy and me sat on the couch and watched 'how the grinch stole christmas'

This Christmas was Awesome! Can't wait to play with my new toys with daddy!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and A happy New year!!


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