{ 8 }I accidentally and unintentionally fell in love ...with a vampire 8

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I had no way to break free and I'd die if my dad came to help. Suddenly my mom got up. She looked like she could barely stand

She was trying to be quiet when she came behind him but he heard her and spun around, letting go of me. Then he lunged for her but my dad and I tackled him to the ground and started ripping him apart.

I learned there are three ways to kill vamps. 1 beheading them, 2 losing most of there blood, three burning them.

I heard a firework go off. Then mom just passed out and fell over she hit the ground really hard. That's when I saw the blood and realized it was a gunshot.

We jumped off the dead vamp's remains and I ran for her but my dad was pushing me behind a big bush. I struggled and was wondering what the hell he was doing. We had to save her. I couldn't give up. I couldn't let her die.

The hunter dragged her body away. Probably to get it stuffed. That was so sick and disgusting I couldn't even think about it.

Later we got out of the bush and shifted. Shifting for me was easy this time. I think it was because of the adrenalin rush. I wanted to fight more vamps, it was an addiction. Right now I felt like killing them over and over again. I was so pissed at my dad, how he could let her die like that.

He spoke in a flat voice. "There was nothing we could have done. She was dead before she hit the ground and even if she wasn't the hunter would have killed us." When he finished talking he was sobbing.

We both sat there until it got dark, crying. Chris told me to call him and tell him how it went but I never wanted to see him again.

Ps. sorry it's short but the book is almost finished only maybe 4-5 chapters left then I'm going to start a different book. I made a list of some I wanted to do so tell me what one you want me to do.

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