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Pen Your Pride

(giff Image/Photo above is of American Actor Shiloh Fernandez, who I think could suit Joshua Garlands' character?? What do you think, post your replies after reading this chapter underneath... other suggestions, Zac Efron, Nolan Funk...)


~ Joshua Garland ~

Man, was I living the life. Money was rolling in big time now, girls couldn't resist me and I had what every guy could ever ask for. A mansion of a house in the Hollywood Hills, a personal driver, a cook and maid, plenty of boy toy cars and the party life that attracted all of LA's finest.

My life was not always as glorious as it now appeared today, but now at the age of 25 and raking in the cash, why not splash it around a bit. Mom and Dad had tried to keep me grounded growing up with a real average life in San Francisco, that was until I was spotted by an agent who signed me up to acting classes and thrust me into the glam life of acting in Hollywood.

My parents tried to stop the celebrity status from going to my head, but that hadn't worked out. The last couple of years had turned me into what they had tried to avoid me becoming, a person that took everything for granted, splashed money on stuff I didn't need, and a party boy that I really wasn't before. I just loved sprawling in it, showing it off, my glorious life that many could never attain. I deserved to show it off now, I had earned it.


Saturday night had turned into a blur. Meeting up with his friends in downtown LA for a bloke's night out, Joshua now regretted the amount of alcohol he had consumed and what the headlines sprawled across the net of his cowardly binge drinking antics would say.

The sun seeped through the slight gap in the curtains that sheltered Joshua's hangover state. Squinting his eyes open to check the time on the alarm clock to his left, Joshua was shocked to see that it was now 2 PM.

Another day yet again literally lost to his drinking antics. Building his momentum Joshua slowly pulled himself out of bed to head to the shower. After an hour long shower, and a couple of protein shakes downstairs Joshua alerted his driver to drop him off a block from the Santa Monica beach to avoid the attention of by passers. Water bottle in hand as he got into the back seat of the black car used to transport him around the city when he wasn't up to driving himself. It would be a 35 minute drive towards the beach, but the fresh air would do him good and hopefully clear his mind for a better start to the next week.

Joshua's schedule had been freed up for the next week, so he wasn't expected to be on set, but did have two meetings with a casting agent to see if he would be suitable for one of the main roles in two new action movies scheduled to start filming soon.

Smirking up at the billboard overhead on top of a three story building, Joshua admired his composure. His face had been sprawled across the building leading up to the premiere of his third blockbuster movie 'Justice'.


~ Sarah Evans ~

Phew! Making it out of LAX Airport was an experience in itself. I never comprehended the share size of the airport online. It seemed huge compared to the airport I'd just departed from back home. The glistening sign outside at the entry to the airport 'L A X' was pretty spectacular in its own right.

Lol... I think this break away is going to be a lot of fun, I hope so. Now to get to my accommodation in once piece might be tricky.

Sarah scurried behind a large group heading out to the front entry of the airport doors. The group diverted off to the right where a large charter bus was waiting to take them to their hotel. Damn It! Why didn't I think about that? I really had no clue where I was going, but hoped a taxi driver would.

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