Chapter 1

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*(Photo above is of NZ actress Emily Robins, I think she really matches Sarah Evans character).


~ Sarah Evans ~

Sitting there feeling lost in the chaos and foot steps of people walking by; carrying and pushing their suitcases on trolleys would frankly annoy anyone sitting alone who had to endue the racket without any distractions from friends or family members excitedly chatting and laughing with you... oh that's me the one sitting alone on the end of the row.

Why get flustered over something like that though. Imagining where each person was heading off to across the globe kept me preoccupied while I waited for the announcement for my flight departure.

Not only was I traveling alone; this was my first official trip overseas. A kiwi girl has to learn to fly someday you know, and that day was upon me. That actually sounded really funny, a kiwi flying... LOL. If you've got no idea what I'm talking about, the kiwi is New Zealand's national iconic animal, which is also a flightless bird...but us New Zealander's are always being referred to as 'Kiwis' by people around the globe. It's catchy I guess isn't it!


I hope my ascent doesn't sound that bad in comparison to the Americans I meet on my trip. What if they can't understand me or laugh at me. I don't want to come off too old school or anything. I mean it's not like we live in the Stone Age or anything, but I hear that people in the US are so more forward and confident than people I know.

I just really hope I enjoy my trip, take in the sights and come home with plenty of stories to tell my sister and I guess my brother. But most of all I hope it would make my sister envious she hadn't come along with me. I'd begged my sister to come with me, but she couldn't get the week off, she was fully booked by clients at the Project Management firm she worked at and her career was her number one priority.

So I decided no longer would I hold off my endeavours, my dream to see the sights of LA any longer. I mean I'm 23 years old for gosh sake and I haven't even been outside the country yet.


I hated listening to my friends and their amazing overseas trips with their family while attending high school. This time I was taking charge, I was gonna do this even if no one else would be coming along with me.

I didn't want to put this trip off; I knew that if I didn't go now it would just continue like this forever. A never ending cycle of procrastination and those 'maybe next year' speeches that seemed to always drag me down and stop me from doing anything fun.

I'd been promoted to Assistant Store Manager at Lola's Clothing, and Victoria my boss who we called Vicki had been pretty impressed from my work over the past four years she'd decided to reward me by giving me a week off to travel. She knew how badly I wanted to go to LA.

I guess she got tired of me talking about it almost every lunch break, LA this...LA that...did you see those beautiful houses on TV last night along the LA coast...or what about the famous LA movie studios. You get the picture! If she let me take leave now, then I'd come back with a fresh perspective, ready to get stuck in and to take charge as the new Assistant Store Manager.


I don't know really what's come over me, but all I know is that I've made my mind up and nothing was changing my mind now. Sitting, waiting all alone at the Auckland Airport for my direct flight to LA, and then I realised how scary that sounded.

For the first time my nerves were beginning to build. The last few days were fine. I'd imagined myself traveling to LA like it would be a bus trip from one destination to another. But really, thinking about it now I realised how out of my league I was.

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