6- Bad Mood

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6 – Bad Mood

Finding an empty table today went a lot smoother than the previous days. I got a pretty decent seat right next to the window. I don't mean to brag, but I think I'm pretty awesome because of it. And, because I'm so awesome, I'm going to reward myself with the delicious apple I grabbed from the lunch line.

I took a bite and looked out the window. It's such a nice day out. I wonder if students are allowed to eat their meals outside. Hmm, I'll have to ask Principal McFerry.

The bell rung, and crowds of students left the cafeteria. Not moments later, another crowd of students came in, all scattering in different directions. Same as always. After taking a few more bites of my apple, I abandoned it next to my tray. I then opened the wrapper covering my burger, and began applying the lettuce and such I picked up on the way.

Once my burger was complete to my liking, I raised it and opened my mouth to take a bite. Just as it was near my lips, a hand slammed down forcefully onto the table next to my tray. I jumped, causing my hands to release my burger and drop it.

A single fit of laughter rung in my ears as I placed a hand of my racing heart. What the...?

I looked up to see none other than Conner and Allen. Conner was still laughing as he sat down across the table from me. Allen accompanied the place next to me. "What was that for?" I asked while trying to recover.

Conner gave an innocent shrug before looking at my tray of food. He pointed toward it and began his laughter yet again, it was loud and rich. I gave a questionable glance at my tray to see what was so funny. My shoulders sunk in disappointment as I saw what use to be my burger, now a mess scattered around my tray.

All the work I put in to apply the lettuce, onions, pickles, and condiments all gone to waist.

I sighed. Well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I shouldn't be eating a greasy burger anyway, considering it's not "healthy". Oh, who am I kidding? I eat anything.

"Anyway," I started as I flicked my scattered burger bits off my chocolate pudding cup before grabbing it, "What brings you to me?"

"Well, we saw all the hard work you put in to make that burger so perfect, so we—"


"I," Conner said after Allen corrected him. "I decided to mess it up," he finished as if it wasn't a big deal. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Do you usually take joy in other people's misery?" I asked as I began peeling the top off the cup. He should really talk to someone about that. It has to be an internal despair of some sort.

Conner got a sparkle in his eyes, clearly not offended by my blunt question. "Misery love company, sweet pea," he paused and leaned over. He motioned with his finger for me to do the same. I did. "And trust me, I'll be the most pleasurable company you could wish for," he finished with a wink of his eyes as I leaned back into my chair.

At least he's confident.

Allen chuckled next to me. When I looked over to him, he watched me in amusement as he placed his phone in his pocket. Speaking of phone...

I looked around, wondering if maybe their third member will appear shortly. I still need to talk to him about taking my phone.

"He's not in here," Conner informed me, obviously knowing who I was looking for. "He got called to the principal's office," he enlightened me.

The look on my face must've been a curious one, because the two friends chuckled at me. Glad to see I can amuse them. I grabbed my spoon from my tray and dipped it into my pudding. I felt their eyes on me as I began eating my delicious treat. When I looked up, the two didn't shift their eyes, obviously not ashamed to be caught staring.

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