Chapter Two

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Broken: Chapter Two...

When the bus pulled up on the main street of Sunbury it was just going dark. There was Mom and Jack standing there waiting for me. Mom's eyes were red from crying and Jack looked confused.

How were we going to explain to Jack that Dad would never be coming home again? , let alone why we would probably have to move to a smaller and cheaper place to rent in town. As I stepped off the bus with my bag Jack was super excited to see me.

He looked so innocent and calm right at that moment. Mom was silent, so I took this as a que to be silent too. As we drove home Mom and I stared straight ahead into the darkness. That's when I could see the shock and unknowingness on my Mom's face.


I knew at that moment that I would have to help Mom and Jack out someway; I also had a gut feeling that I couldn't give up the opportunity to graduate college as well. Dad wouldn't want me to give it all up now, but things had changed.

Right at that moment I didn't know what I should do. We pulled up in our driveway, and for the first time this house didn't feel like home without Dad here. As we walked in and hanged our coats on the coat hooks in the corridor Mom asked if she could talk to me in the kitchen while Jack headed to the lounge to watch one of his favourite TV shows, 'The Best Places to go on a Family Holiday in the USA'.

Our family had sat down only a couple months ago to watch the show on holidaying in Los Angeles - California. We all sat there in awe as they showed us highlights of Disneyland and the movie studio tours. It was going to be our dream family holiday getaway, but now without Dad here that dream seemed so distant.


As I headed towards the kitchen to talk with Mom, I couldn't help but to notice the seriousness of this situation. Mom would usually talk openly to all of us. But I clearly understood her reasons for not discussing this situation in front of Jack. Mom hadn't yet told Jack why Dad hadn't come home yet, but I was guessing she would tell him after our conversation.

Mom began to speak, stuttering at first as she tried to hold her emotions together. She explained how she and Dad had made a Will three months ago, and that she wanted me to know what to do if anything should ever happen to her. She spoke of how proud she was of me and that if for any reason she were to pass away, I would be Jack's legal guardian once I turned 18.

I just stood there in a bit of shock as I absorbed everything my Mom said. Mom told me not to worry; she had no plans on leaving me or Jack anytime soon but that it was a good thing I knew about their Will if anything were to happen. Mom told me that Dad's body was now at the funeral home and that a small service had been arranged tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM at the Sunbury Chapel. Dad's work friends, boss, a couple of Mom's friends and some of Dad's high school mates would be attending.


Mom explained to me how we were to tell Jack how Dad was not coming home. Jack was to be told that we wouldn't be able to see Dad in person anymore because it was time for him reign with the angels, where he could still watch over Jack and I. And even though we wouldn't be able to see him, he would always be with us in our hearts.

My Mom was so strong. Dad would've been so proud of her. When our grandpa passed away a year ago from terminal cancer, Jack asked Mom and Dad what happened to people like grandpa who never wake up again. Mom and Dad's explanations about the angels comforted both Jack and I during that emotionally tough time.

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