"Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting."

- Joyce Meyer

Four POV


Time seems too slow when you are waiting for something to happen. Waiting for a miracle to happen was exhausting but never the less I would not leave that room until my wish came true. I had been sitting by her bed the entire night, the chair was uncomfortable but I didn't care, I wanted to be there for her every moment of every hour until she would wake up. Zeke had come by with some food from the cafeteria; he didn't want me to starve while I sat there. He never questioned why I just sat there and he never ushered me to leave to go to sleep, he knew what my answer would be so he let me be to care for the girl that had taken the roll as my little sister and best friend.

Every day Zeke or Shauna would bring me something to eat; we talked for some time before they had to leave for work and I were once again alone with an unconscious Candice beside me. Every day I prayed that Candice would wake up, that she would come back to me, and the way she was before. The fun bubbling girl that could make anyone smile, even if they were sad. The girl that despite her own demons cared for others before dealing with her own problems. Nothing had happened and it had almost gone a week since the attack, I had jet to leave the infirmary, I believe Theresa was getting frustrating with me for not leaving, at least during the nights and the fact that I hadn't shower didn't make it any better. But how could I leave her? What if something happened, what if she woke up? No, I couldn't leave until I knew for sure if she would be alright or not.

It wasn't until exactly a week after the attack that Theresa had had enough.

"That's it Four, I can't take it anymore. You need to get a shower and a decent sleep. You have been here for a week now, nothing has changed. I know sweetie that you want to be here for her but she wouldn't want you to sit here day after day, you have to come back to the living. I promise I will send someone for you if something happens." Theresa said walking up to me and practically heaved me up from my chair and pushed me out of the room. Normally I would be stronger but a week without training had taken its toll on my body not to mention not enough sleep. I grumpily walked to my apartment to take a shower and to sleep in my bed, something I hadn't done in a week. As much as a like to deny it, what Theresa did I needed that. I stank, literally and I was exhausted.

Eric POV

The day after the attack we were back in the conference room, this time with both Jeanine and Jack Kang. We were there to decide what we should do with the foul bastard that was locket in the keep. We didn't find it necessary to include the other factions since they didn't have anything to do with this, this was our business not theirs. They wouldn't do any good here anyway, even if Abnegation run the government they didn't control everything, especially not things like this, this was Dauntless department. I still don't know what Jeanine were doing there but Max wanted her there so I just had to roll with it.

"Thank you all for being here today and thank you Jeanine for coming back today. The night has been long for us all, I've been updated on the initiate but nothing has changed since last night." Max informed us. I was tired, I hadn't slept very well, I couldn't stop thinking about Candice and every time I closed my eyes flashes of the event appeared and I was left awake with my worries. I decided to read to make the time go faster but I had no such luck, Candice occupied my every thought. I fell asleep around 04.00 and I had to wake up at 07.00 making my sleep almost nonexistent. It was safe to say I was exhausted.

"Thank you Max for inviting me, I've been informed of the incident and I must say I am more than chocked. Never would I think that our faction doctor and one of my closest friends would be capable of something like this. I remember his daughter to be quite sweet and intelligent. His wife was a delight, always happy and caring, it was no doubt she came from Amity, yes Amelia special, may she rest in peace." Jack said. The way he spoke of them, it was like he knew them pretty well.

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